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Edwinstowe Resident Information

Welcome to the Edwinstowe resident home page, check this page regularly for all the latest news and events around the village or use the links to find information on local organisations, our village hall, safer neighbourhood our village magazine and much more.

Local News and Events

Two-Way Temporary Traffic Signals

13th October 2020

There will be temporary two-way traffic signals on A6075 Ollerton Road, Edwinstowe – Approximately 350m east of its junction with Maid Marion Drive.

This will be in place From Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 30 October 2020.

For full details, please click the link below.

Halloween Half-term at Sherwood Forest

13th October 2020

Bring your little monsters for an eerie autumn adventure in the forest this half term.

Halloween Family Trail

The spiders of Sherwood have stolen something very precious from Robin Hood, can you complete all the challenges on our trail to crack the code and return it to him?

Our fearful family trail is £2 and includes a souvenir Sherwood Forest pencil. Available 10am – 3pm daily, 17th October – 1st November.

Spooky Sherwood Detective Pack

Get in the Halloween spirit with our Spooky Sherwood Detective Pack, containing craft materials and family nature activities for the forest.

£1 per pack, available 11am – 3pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in half term.

For full details, please click the link below.

Halloween Frights in the Forest - Sherwood Forest

13th October 2020

Not everyone in these woods is a friend to Robin and his Merry Band.

As the light fades and evil spirits begin their tricks, follow our breadcrumbs to meet some of the forest’s darker inhabitants. Each of our gruesome guides has a grizzly tale of medieval life to tell.

For Covid-19 safety this event is by pre-booking only for a ‘bubble ticket’ of up to 6 people departing at: 7.00pm, 7.15pm, 7.30pm & 7.45pm on the 30th and 31st of October.

For full details, please click the link below.

Halloween Family Potion Trail - Sherwood Forest

13th October 2020

Meet the baddies of Sherwood Forest.

As the light fades and evil spirits begin their tricks, follow our breadcrumbs to meet some of the forest’s darker inhabitants. Each of our gruesome guides has a tale to tell and a gift to bestow, gather them all to mix a potent Halloween potion.

For Covid-19 safety this event is by pre-booking only for a ‘bubble ticket’ of up to 6 people departing at: 4:30pm, 4:45pm, 5:00pm & 5:15pm on the 30th and 31st of October.

For full details, please click the link below.

Three-Way Temporary Traffic Signals

13th October 2020

There will be temporary three-way traffic signals on Rufford Road, Edwinstowe – at its junction with Boy Lane.

This will be in place on Wednesday 14 October 2020 for 24 hours.

For full details, please click the link below.

Citizens Advice Sherwood & Newark - 7 things to check if you’re at risk of redundancy

7th October 2020

Citizens Advice Sherwood and Newark has helped 150 people with employment issues since lock down. Entitlement to the furlough scheme, pay and entitlements, dismissal and redundancy are the top issues it has dealt with during the pandemic.

The Citizens Advice have put together 7 things to check if you are at risk of redundancy.

For full details, please click the link below.

Message from Newark and Sherwood District Council regarding important information on COVID-19 guidance in your area

2nd October 2020

Colleagues in Public Health closely monitor the data received from the NHS in relation to the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases across Nottinghamshire, including within the Newark and Sherwood district.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases within our local region specifically in the Ollerton, Rainworth, Blidworth, Edwinstowe and Sherwood area has increased significantly.

This demonstrates a significant increase from the same time last week and an increase from our position one month ago when Newark was on the Government’s Watch-List.

We are currently closely working with colleagues in Public Health to more broadly assess the impact of this recent spike to identify any other trends and understand the methods by which the virus is being transmitted in those cases.

We will support any action that Public Health colleagues recommend across the district and ensure we share such recommendations with our residents. It is important to remind all residents to adhere to the government’s guidance at all times – maintaining a 2m social distance, washing your hands regularly and wearing a face covering where required to do so.

It is vital that you get tested if you have any COVID-19 symptoms and then self-isolate until you get the results. At that point, further information will be given to you.

Whilst it can be difficult living alongside COVID-19 for many reasons personal to us all, we know that it isn’t going away anytime soon, and, as the national picture changes, we all have to continue to play our part and adhere to the guidance being issued.

Two-Way Temporary Traffic Signals

23rd September 2020

There will be temporary two-way traffic signals on Ollerton Road, Edwinstowe – adjacent to its junction with Lansbury Road.

This will be in place From Thursday 1 October 2020 to Sunday 18 October 2020.

For full details, please click the link below.

Barry the Book Worm

18th September 2020

Barry the Book Worm has been hidden in six shop windows, beside a book theme window display.

For a chance to win a prize, find all six Barry the book worms, identify the window displays and write them down on the Edwinstowe Trail sheet.

Post completed trail sheets in the village hall post box.

Trail sheets can be picked up at the honey pot café, away with the Fairy’s, Pets paradise (next to the library), the sweet shop and the RSPB visitor centre.

Competition starts Saturday September 19th. Completed trail sheets to be returned by end of October.

Download the trail sheets below.

Casual Vacancy For a Parish Councillor

16th September 2020

NOTICE lS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act1972 that one vacancy exists in the office of Parish Councillor for Edwinstowe Parish Council- Edwinstowe and Clipstone Ward.

The vacancy has arisen due to resignation and their term of office would have ordinarily expired in May 2023.

An election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days* from the date below, TEN electors who are included on the Register of Electors at an address in the Edwinstowe Parish - Edwinstowe and Clipstone ward, give notice in writing claiming such election to: -

The Returning Officer
Castle House
Great North Road
NG24 1BY

Please be advised that if an election is called, it will not be held until 6 May 2021, as all elections are currently postponed due to Covid-19.

lf no such notice is given, The Returning Officer will notify the Parish Council, who may then fill the vacancy by co-option.

Temporary Prohibitions of Driving

3rd September 2020

There will be a temporary prohibitions in place on the following roads:

  • B6030 Mansfield Road, Clipstone – for its entire length - 25–27 September 2020
  • A1 Slip Road, Gt North Road, Carlton on Trent – for its entire length - 9/10 Oct 2020
  • Hawthorne Crescent, Farndon – for its entire length - 23 October 2020
  • The Willows, Farndon – for its entire length - 23 October 2020
  • Chapel Lane, Farnsfield – for its entire length - 23 October 2020
  • Merryweather Close, Edwinstowe – for its entire length - 26 October 2020
  • Curzon Close, Rainworth – for its entire length - 8 October 2020
  • Churchfield Drive, Rainworth – for its entire length - 8 October 2020
  • Chatsworth Avenue, Southwell – for its entire length - 22 October 2020
  • Marlock Close, Fiskerton – for its entire length - 28 October 2020
  • Queen Street, Balderton – for its entire length - 29 October 2020
  • Lacey Green, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Elton Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Waltham Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Loveden Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Knipton Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Hardy Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Barkston Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020
  • Denton Close, Balderton – for its entire length - 29/30 October 2020

This will be in place between Friday 25th September 2020 and Monday 30th November 2020 from 07:30 hours until 18:00 hours. These works are subject to weather conditions.

For full details, please click the link below.

To All Allotment Holders

24th July 2020

The Allotment Sub Committee held a site meeting and were very impressed by the high standards of many of the allotments.

If you are spraying your allotments, could you please make sure that there is no drift from the spray onto other allotments, especially in windy conditions.

We will remind our workers, should they have to come onto the allotments to spray vacant plots, to be aware of the same problem with the drift from sprays.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Forest Cemetery Car Park Signage

26th May 2020

New signage has been erected at the Forest Cemetery Edwinstowe.

Please can vehicles vacate the Forest Cemetery Car Park by 4pm as the barrier is locked at this time. Also, the limited car parking spaces are for the use of Cemetery visitors only.

For images of the new signs, please click the links below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need To Do:

28th April 2020


  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home.)
  • If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • Do not meet others, even friends or family

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms

  • The cemetery will not open until 10.00am to allow our groundsman time to carry out his work
  • Do not approach anyone working in the cemetery
  • If you wish to contact someone on cemetery issues do so by phone or email. Avoid touching surfaces such as gates, taps, seats as Covid-19 can exist for many days on solid surfaces

Silent Solution - contacting 999 but you can't speak

7th April 2020

What to do if you need urgent police help through the 999 service, but can't speak.

  • Dial 999
  • Listen to the questions from the 999 operator
  • Respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can
  • If prompted, press 55. This lets the 999 call operator know it’s a genuine emergency and you’ll be put through to the police.

For more details please click the links below.

Edwinstowe Parish Council and the Coronavirus

6th April 2020

Edwinstowe Parish Council is having to adjust the way things are done on its behalf at this time of national crisis.

For full details on how, please click the link below.

Guidance on the use of allotments during this period of social distancing

31st March 2020

The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners has put guidance on the use of allotments during this period of social distancing on their website.

For full details please click the link below.

Citizens Advice - COVID-19 Update

23rd March 2020

In light of current events, as of Monday 23rd March 2020 The Citizens Advice will be unable to offer a face to face service for the foreseeable future.

We will continue to offer advice by telephone and web chat.

For full details on services please click the link below.

Nottinghamshire County Council COVID-19 Update

20th March 2020

Please click the link below for the latest Coronavirus update from Nottinghamshire County Council.

Here to Help During the Corona Virus Crisis

20th March 2020

Should you find yourself in a desperate need for specific food, medicines or other important items, but are unable to leave the house, then the Edwinstowe community are here to help.

For full details please click the link below.

Support for Businesses and Residents

19th March 2020

For all the latest information on support available for businesses and residents from Newark & Sherwood District Council please download the press release via the link below.

Supporting our vulnerable and elderly residents who are self-isolating

19th March 2020

Edwinstowe Parish Council are working with local groups and organisations to help support our vulnerable and elderly residents who are self-isolating.

We want to create a list of volunteers and the help available, so this information can be passed on to local co-ordinators to support residents when needed.

If you are willing to help please tap on the link below and complete this simple form. Thank you for your continued support and take care.

Hello, if you are self-isolating postcards, I can help

18th March 2020

Edwinstowe Parish Council has printed and dropped off orange "Hello, if you are self-isolating postcards, I can help".

These are located at the CO-OP and Edwinstowe Pharmacy.

Please also print your own and place in shops and post through letterboxes.

Thank you.

Forestry England - Volunteer With Us

21st November 2019

Our wonderful volunteers help us improve the local Sherwood Forest Community Woodlands for the benefit of wildlife, visitors and the trees.

There are groups on Wednesday and Thursday every week, along with one session a month on Sunday. The sessions are for four hours but you don’t have to stay for the full session. Hot drinks and biscuits are provided.

Learn new skills, meet new people and help your local woodland!

For details please contact

Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe

8th November 2019

Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe have released two articles - 'Isn’t it about time Fracking was banned?' and 'Is the Fracking Moratorium for life or just for Christmas?'.

Please click the links below to download the articles.

The Evergreen Club

31st July 2019

At the Abbey Road Community Centre The Evergreen Club meet Mon, Wed & Fri and play dominoes and bingo. We have regular meals in the centre using local caterers Tracey and Jason of Culinary Delight and often go on small trips.

We are a group of varied ages from 60s into the 90s and all very young at heart. Why not come along and join us.

Amenity Diary - June 2019

26th July 2019

Click the link below to find out what work has been undertaken by the Amenity Team in June 2019.

Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

updated 9th June 2019

‘The Major Oak Woodland Festival’ has become a favourite Nottinghamshire event celebrating Sherwood Forest’s natural resources and traditional woodland skills. It took place this year on the weekend of 8th and 9th June, at Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve. Organisers were local charity the Sherwood Forest Trust and the RSPB, who manage Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Visit Sherwood Website

The RSPB have released a new website promoting Sherwood Forest. Please visit the website via the link below.

Read the full story on our dedicated page via the link below.

Whats On at The Abbey Road Community Centre

updated 25th April 2019

Find out what activities and groups are at The Abbey Road Community Centre. For full details click the link below.

Have your say at Sherwood

15th March 2019

Staff at the new Sherwood Forest visitor centre are asking local residents for their thoughts on the future development of the site, particularly in telling Robin Hood’s story.

The team are busy developing the way they share Robin Hood stories with visitors, and want to find new and innovative ways of doing this.

It’s a big and important job at Sherwood to continue the legend, and they want to do it in ways that visitors find engaging and enjoyable – so please have your say!

Local residents are welcome to go along to the centre, speak to a member of the team and fill out a survey, or even easier, can go on-line and do it on the Sherwood Forest website

Residents may also like to know that the car park at the new centre will soon be open from 7.30am, in response to requests from dog-walkers and those heading out for an early morning stroll in the forest. Please check the website for details. There’s also full updates on the work being undertaken at the former visitor centre too.


14th March 2019

A police officer doesn’t have the powers any more to ticket for parking issues. We would now only report someone for an offence such as unnecessary obstruction and this has to be done with a driver present. So this method wouldn’t work with an unattended vehicle.
There would also need to be a full obstruction such as you physically couldn’t get past. If you are able to walk around the vehicle, either on the path or by crossing the road it isn’t an obstruction.

The only thing I can see there that would be a police issue is the vehicle parked in front of a gate. So for example if there was a parked car behind the fence and they couldn’t get out because of the parked car, I would advise that person to report this to the police at the time and it could then be dealt with. We have police powers to move the car if the driver /owner cannot be located and the person blocked in HAD to get out.

We obviously don’t deal with ‘what ifs’ I’ve had past incident where someone repeatedly complained about a fence/gate being parked in front of, but it was never actually used. So we obviously deal with individual incidents on the circumstances surrounding each one.

This looks to be a clear council issue. The area outside of the shops is a large area and it needs to be clarified between with the shops and council what the use of that area is actually for.

Parking on a pavement is NOT illegal outside of London.

Since 1974, Highway Code rule 244 has stated that drivers "MUST NOT park partially or wholly on the pavement in London and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it."

The key things to note here are the words must not and should not.

In London, you must not park on the pavement, the must indicating there is legislation behind this rule and you could receive a fine for breaking it.

However, outside of the capital or “elsewhere”, the Highway Code states drivers should not park on the pavement, meaning it is advisory and not, therefore, backed up by any legislation.

Parking on a Junction is a breach of the Highway Code however the Highway Code isn't the law and responsibility of this would usually lie with the council. The Traffic Management Act 2004 allows local authorities to control parking enforcement on yellow lines, resident parking, public car parks and on-street parking. A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) might be issued and enforced through the civil justice system, rather than the criminal justice system. Individual councils can make Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to impose local bans on pavement parking - but few do this, and even fewer enforce them.

MIND - Mansfield & Ashfield Memory Support (MAMS)

31st December 2018

Mansfield and Ashfield Memory Support runs three days per week and is held at the MIND Centre on St John Street between the hours of 9am and 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For full details, click the link below.

Dog Bins & Grit Bins in Edwinstowe

Updated 22nd June 2018

For the location of all dog bins and grit in Edwinstowe, please download the map via the link below.

The Cinnamon Trust

8th June 2018

The national charity for elderly and terminally ill people and their pets.

Does your dog miss his daily walk? If you are an elderly or terminally ill owner and would like some help please contact The Cinnamon Trust.

For full details please click the link below.

Nottinghamshire Women's Aid - Domestic Abuse Drop-Ins

1st May 2018

Nottinghamshire Women's Aid provide domestic abuse drop in sessions, providing confidential support and information for women by women.

Female Support Workers provide one to one information and support to women regarding domestic abuse issues. No appointment is needed.

For full details please click the link below or call The Farr Centre on 01909 533 610.

There is a 24 hour free phone helpline in Nottinghamshire for women experiencing domestic abuse / violence. To talk to someone about what you are going through or to get help to leave contact: 0808 800 0340

Join the Veterans Together Network

8th March 2018

Have you served in the armed forces? Are you over 65?

There are over 43,000 veterans in Nottinghamshire, so lets get together.

For full details on the Veterans Together Network please click the links below.

UK Government Smart Meters Rollout 2020

22nd February 2018

The Government is rolling out smart meters into all homes and businesses before 2020. However, research shows that a huge percentage of the population are still not aware of the options available.

Provided below are links to full guides for domestic and non-domestic smart meters.

Mansfield District Local Plan - Consultation Draft

8th January 2016

Mansfield District Council want to make sure that you have the opportunity to let them know what you think, so they are consulting on the Local Plan for a six week period. This is in accordance with Regulation 18 of the Town and County Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

You can make comments on the Local Plan Consultation Draft from 11th January 2016 to 22 February 2016. All comments received will be used to inform the Publication Draft of the plan which will be published later this year.

You can view a copy of the document at the Civic Centre, Chesterfield Road South Mansfield, NG19 7BH, as well as at all libraries across the district during advertised opening hours throughout the consultation period.

We are holding a number of public exhibitions, highlighting what is happening in various parts of the district. The timetable for these and full details of the Local Plan are available on the Mansfield District Council website via the link below.

Walking Routes around Edwinstowe

updated 30th November 2015

Please download the map via the link below for a comprehensive map of all the walks around Edwinstowe.

A new 5 mile circular walk along the River Maun and through Sherwood Forest has been added below.

  • Edwinstowe Events Edwinstowe Events
Trading Standards - No Uninvited Caller Stickers

4th June 2014

If you would like a 'No Uninvited Callers' doorstep sticker, you can request one free of charge from Trading Standards via the following methods:

Online: Here >>>

Telephone: 01623 452005

For further advice or if wish to report a matter to Trading Standards, please call Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06. Textphone users can dial 18001 and then 08454 04 05 06.

Nottinghamshire Alert

Updated 1st January 2014

Nottinghamshire Alert is a messaging system that allows Nottinghamshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other public organisations to distribute messages concerning community safety to members of the public quickly and efficiently. It is a web-based secure system that allows authorised administrators, including Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Crime Reduction Managers, to log in and send messages to registered members. If you would like to receive all the latest information for Edwinstowe you can register Here.

The Facts About Fracking

15th August 2013

Nottinghamshire County Council is publishing a fracking factsheet for residents following a surge in enquiries prompted by recent media coverage on the issue.

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