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Edwinstowe Parish Council Information

The Parish Council consists of eleven elected Parish Councillors who serve for four years. They are volunteers and receive no payment. They make the decisions at the monthly Council meetings. There are also committees including finance, planning, events and the Edwinstowe Village News editorial board.

Parish Council Responsibilities

Our responsibilities include:

  • Picking up the litter, keeping everywhere tidy and basic maintenance (you'll see our staff and the van around the village every week).
  • The childrens play areas and open spaces.
  • The Cemetery.
  • The Allotments.
  • The Village Hall (which is looked after by a management committee). The Parish Office is in the Village Hall.
  • The West Lane, East Lane and Village Hall car parks.
  • The War Memorial.
  • Providing dog waste bins.
  • The public toilet on Mansfield Road.
  • Some of the seats around the village.
  • The Christmas lights.
  • Organising events such as the Christmas lights switch on and the Remembrance Parade.
  • Keeping the verges cut.
  • Walking the footpaths and rights of way.
  • Producing the village magazine - "Edwinstowe Village News!".

Filling a Vacancy on the Council

The following information is provided by the Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils.

Casual vacancies occur during a four year term of office when a councillor either resigns or is removed from office. It should not be confused with an 'insufficiency of candidates', which may occur after an election.

When the casual vacancy becomes known, the Clerk should, within a reasonable time, write to the returning officer at the district/borough council, alerting him/her to the casual vacancy. The clerk should at the same time place a notice in the usual village notice board, informing electors of the vacancy and stating that if any electors wish to call for an election they should contact the returning officer (give the correct contact details). Also give the time limit electors have to claim a poll - 14 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public and bank holidays (yes, Saturdays are included in this time limit). If ten electors or more call for a poll, the returning officer will conduct the poll.

If not, then the parish council can co-opt, and there is no set procedure for this. A wise parish council will co-opt carefully, and ensure that it cannot be accused of nepotism. Our advice is to put a notice up inviting interested people to apply, but if there are no applicants, then the council will need to consider if it can invite someone who has shown interest in village affairs, or perhaps who has skills which might be helpful to the parish council. Once the person has agreed they must sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Office, and thenceforth they are a parish councillor and will remain so until the next ordinary elections, unless they resign in the meantime.

A council does not need to fill a casual vacancy if you are within 6 months of an upcoming ordinary election.

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