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Edwinstowe Parish SNG Meeting 28th February 2017


SNG meeting was held in the Village Hall and was attended by 5 Parish Councillors, 4 members of the public and PCSO Laura Bowditch.

PCSO Bowditch reported on local issues, in particular the burglaries that had taken place on Rufford Road and Beardsley Road. Despite the Police being on the scene very quickly no one has been arrested in relation to the incidents.
She reported that there are no drug users using hyperdermic needles known to the police in Edwinstowe. She also said that no reports of needles being found in Edwinstowe had been forwarded to her.

The Chair of the meeting reported that the crime statistics, as reported on ‘’, were consistent in number, around 21 or so each month. PCSO Bowditch reported that anti-social behaviour incidents were very few in Edwinstowe.

Members of the public and Councillors reported an increase in dog fouling in some areas of the Village. The Chair asked for information about where to put new, heavy duty warning signs that the Dog Warden had left with the Parish Clerk. The Dog Warden was happy to keep in contact with the Parish Council and asked for incidents of dog fouling and other dog related issues to The be forwarded to her.

A member of the public was very concerned about inconsiderate parking on Friars Park which causes drivers to travel along roads on the wrong side. The parking would be checked, especially at key times.

Concern was also raised by a member of the public about the theft of decorative plant holders from gardens in the Village. In that instance the identity of the thief was known to the Police. Some pots had been recovered and PCSO Bowditch was hoping to effect an arrest straight after the meeting.

Speeding and Parking issues were discussed, particularly in relation to the schools, Fifth Avenue and Mansfield Road. Councillor Peck explained why a ‘lollipop’ person was no longer in place on Mansfield Road. He also reminded the meeting about the camera van which can be in attendance outside schools to identify poor or illegal parking.

The meeting closed at 19.10pm

The next meeting was arranged for June 2017. This will be the AGM and will be advertised well in advance.

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