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Edwinstowe Parish Safer Neighbourhood Group Meeting 21 June 2016


The meeting was held in the Parish Council Office at the Village Hall. One member of the public attended along with five Parish Councillors. Police Community Support Officer Laura Bowditch was in attendance.

The issues raised were parking, speeding, thefts from motor vehicles, burglary, theft and criminal damage.


Concern was expressed about speeding in general throughout the village and in particular at the lower end of Rufford Road.

The use of a traffic speed gun was explained by the PCSO.

Letters are sent to owners of vehicles found to be speeding.

Community speed watch volunteers are sought and can be trained to carry out speed checks. Assessments will then be made of the information gathered in this way.


Parking is only a police issue if it is causing an obstruction. Evidence of this must be submitted, for example, photographs, or it must be witnessed by a police officer.

The vehicle used by Notts County Council to film parking outside schools has been used outside King Edwin's School. There were no parking breaches on the day of filming.


Nine thefts from motor vehicles had been reported during May and June. Some of these were thought to be carried out by one person who has been charged.

Some of these were from cars left unlocked and the police urge people to lock their cars even if parked on drives or outside the owner's home.

A Quad bike was stolen and a car damaged on East Lane.


There were burglaries on Portland Road and Lynd's Close. An arrest has been made in connection with the Portland Road burglary.


A grave was reported to be damaged in the Church graveyard.

A shed door was reported as being damaged on the Ollerton Road allotment site.

It was suggested that some of the damage to the wooden section of the Skatepark was deliberate but this cannot be proved. However, it was asked that the police include the area in their patrols.

PCSO Bowditch informed the meeting that up to date information about any incidents in the area can be found on the Facebook page set up by the police.
It can be found under the heading, 'Sherwood Police/Ollerton/Clipstone and villages'. It was emphasised that not all crimes will be shown immediately as it can take days for the information to be circulated and picked up.


The next meeting will be at Abbey Road Community Centre at a date to be confirmed.

The date of the next Local Action Group is July 20th 2016 at Kelham Hall.
Notes from the May meeting are available in the Parish Council Office. The issues raised from Edwinstowe were, parking enforcement, parking and speeding, allegations of drug misuse and the setting fire of bins in the village.

Edwinstowe residents are urged to attend in order to make any concerns they have on policing and crime made known.

Dates of monthly police 'surgeries', held in the Parish Council Office will also be advertised in the village notice boards. These usually take place during the morning. SNG meetings normally begin at 6.00pm

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