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Edwinstowe Parish SNG Meeting 19th September 2017


Six members of the public and our PCSO attended the meeting which was held at Abbey Road Community Centre, Edwinstowe.

Our PCSO reported on crimes commited in Edwinstowe since August. These included:

  • Stealing from vans
  • Breaking into an empty property
  • Several instances of older people being approached by a stranger asking for change.
  • Lead stolen from St. Mary’s Church roof. Perpetrators caught.
  • Vehicles damaged
  • Caravan stolen
  • Camper Van stolen

It was agreed to publicise the approaches made to eldery people to raise awareness around the Village and to take the issue to be discussed at the Local Action Groups meeting at Newark.

Other instances of when people should be on their guard were discussed. Traffic safety issues relating to the junction of Mill Lane and High Street were raised.

Dog fouling in front of flats on Abbey Road was reported.

Concern was expressed about the speed restrictions on Swinecote Road being inadequate.

A request for P.C. Appleby to use the speed gun on Rufford Road and Swinecote Road was made.

The next meeting was arranged for 11th January 2018 at 18.00 in the Parish Council Office of the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 18.50.

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