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Edwinstowe Parish Safer Neighbourhood Group Meeting 19 January 2016

Tuesday 19th January 2016 at 6.00pm at Abbey Road Community Centre.


No police officers were able to attend and it was suggested that in future.

A Police Report be an agenda item. It was agreed to raise the issue of Police attendance at the LAG (Local Action Group) meeting on January 27th 2016.

The subject of Traffic Warden presence and frequency in the village was also raised. The Chair to chase up.

Dog mess on Beardsley Road, Gaitskell Crescent, Henton Road and the railway bridle path was discussed. It was agreed to put signs in the pathway between Beardsley Road and Gaitskell Crescent asking that dog mess be picked up and disposed of properly.

Councillor Peck gave a report from a County Council perspective on parking, especially round schools. He explained the new 20mph signs and is seeking to have them also placed on St. Edwins Drive. He will chase up the extra zigzag lines that should have been painted outside King Edwin Primary School. There is also a County Council provided van which can be requested to be parked in the school vicinity and from which photos of cars parked inconsiderately or illegally can be photographed.

Councillor Paul Peacock sent a message to the meeting to comment on the large number of lorries which appear frequently to speed along Mansfield Road, usually around 6.00pm. They are largely belonging to one firm and the information will be passed to the police.

Councillor Terry McLaughlin also expressed concern before the meeting about speeding traffic on Mansfield Road at around 3.30pm when King Edwin School children are beginning to cross the road.

In January 2015 residents expressed their concern that there was a lack of privacy when using the Post Office counter. Security of financial dealings was also raised. The police officer present did say that the matter would be looked into but there has been no feedback from the police as yet.

Two speed cameras appear not to be working accurately. The relevant body will be notified.

Comments were made about businesses coning off High Street parking spaces when expecting deliveries. After discussion it was decided that for some businesses there was no alternative. It was deemed acceptable as long as the time was limited.

Cars obstructing pavements was also discussed and the public are asked to photograph offending cars to show the nature of the obstruction.

At the end of the meeting concern was again expressed about the lack of any police presence at the meeting as it was understood that it was a 'police priority setting' meeting.

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