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Finance Meeting Minutes December 2015

Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting of the Council held on Wednesday 30th December 2015 at 10.00am in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe

Present: Cllrs Brooks, Brown, J Peck, K Peck, Tattersall

  • Minutes of previous two Finance Committee Meetings approved.
  • Is there a need to continue to lock Henton Road Play Area? Matter to be put on Agenda for full Parish Council Meeting
  • Moved by J Peck & Seconded by C Brooks
    Fourth Avenue Play Area funding clarified. There is £19000.00 from Section 106 money that we hold to match the Notts County Council Supporting Local Communities Fund money of £19000.00. This totals £38000.00, plus there is £2000.00 from the County Councillor's Fund.
    Funding agreed unanimously
  • We have had 3 quotes for the play equipment and the one from Town & Country is preferable. The quote for fencing/gate is separate, plus there is a separate quote from Town & Country to move existing play equipment. We could not get quotes from any other fencing contractors/suppliers - attempts were made from multiple contractors but none were forthcoming.
    Quotes approved unanimously
  • Moved by J Peck & Seconded by C Brooks
    Signage, seating and a litter bin are also required for the play area. Will need up to £2000.00 (maximum) from Section 106 money for these.
    Approved unanimously
  • It was suggested that the play area signage conforms with that at the car parks. It also needs to be decided what wording/rules etc should be included on the signs.
  • All approve the play equipment pieces chosen.
  • It is proposed that we apply for further grants as there is lots of space to add more play equipment.
  • External Audit Update - still await the final response.

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