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Finance Meeting Minutes April 2018

Minutes of the joint Finance Committee and Personnel & Staffing Sub-Committee Meeting held on 25th April 2018 at 1.15pm

Present: Cllrs Ayre, Brooks, Brown, J Peck, Tattersall

1. Lawnmowers

The two Parish Council lawnmowers are not commercial standard r but are heavily used during the growing season. It is costing approximately £200/£300 per year to repair each mower (which is similar to the purchase price). There was a discussion concerning whether to purchase better quality mowers or to continue to use domestic standard mowers and replace annually.

Resolved: - Clerk to speak to Grounds Maintenance Contractor for advice and bring to next meeting.

Annual Staff Pay Rise

After a discussion it was agreed to place all workers on a Local Government salary scale as staff currently work to LG terms and conditions.

The Union agreed pay increases were unanimously approved.

RESOLVED: - Clerk to pay all workers at the new agreed rates.

The increases have been calculated on a sliding scale i.e. workers paid at lower salary points receive the largest percentage increase. A discussion took place to increase the Amenity Supervisors wage to keep the differential between his salary and the Amenity Workers salaries at a similar level. Agreed unanimously.

RESOLVED: - Clerk to send letters to all staff.

The Clerk has requested a reduction of 2hrs per week. The Clerk left the room whilst Councillors discussed the request. The request was unanimously agreed.

Review of 2017/18

First draft accounts had been circulated. A fuller review to take place with the approval of the 2017/18 Annual Accounting Statements.

Meeting closed at 2.05pm

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