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Finance Meeting Minutes December 2018

Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 18th December 2018 at 9.00am.

Present: Cllrs Brooks, Peacock, J Peck, Tattersall
Cllr Brown – no apologies

1. Financial Review to end of November 2018

The finances were reviewed and various items discussed. There was concern regarding the cemetery income not covering the expenditure. As previously agreed, the second stage of the fee increase will take place from April 2019.

2. Precept 2019/20

The first s106 monies from the Rufford Pastures development is due in after the 25th house is occupied – 16 are currently.

The condition of the council van was discussed and it was proposed to apply for a loan to purchase a new one when the time arises. (Loans have to be applied for through the Public Works Loan Board)

Seven years ago the finances were not healthy and there were issues to sort including reducing expenditure which was done.

Since 2013, the Parish Council precept has remained at 0% increase for 5/6 years as follows: -

2014/15 0%
2015/16 -3.8%
2016/17 0%
2017/18 0%
2018/19 +3.4%

Overall there has been a reduction of 0.4%.

Cllr J Peck moved a 0% rise in this year’s precept, Cllr Peacock seconded – approved unanimously.

RESOLVED: - Clerk to take to Ordinary Meeting in January for full council approval.

3. Staffing Matters

Both the Clerk and the Amenity Supervisor have resigned. It was agreed to call a special meeting of the Parish Council to discuss the implications.

RESOLVED: - Clerk to arrange meeting

4. Fourth Avenue Development

D/Cllr Peacock met with N&S officers yesterday to discuss the development. There is pressure from the developers to get started however there is concern from Parish Councillors whether there should be a contribution towards the provision and maintenance of the bowling green and play area.

RESOLVED: - Clerk to contact the developers to request a meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.40am

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