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Friday: 7.00 - 18.00
Weekend: Closed

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Finance Meeting Minutes November 2015

Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting of the Council held on Monday 16th November 2015 at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe

Present: Cllrs Brooks, Brown, J Peck, K Peck, Tattersall


The financial position to end October 2015 was reviewed. We have not received the charge for this year's elections and we are not sure how much this year's external audit will cost.

2016.17 PRECEPT

We need to check with N&SDC to ensure a 0% rise this year.

Wages - it was agreed to pay all staff an increase of 1% for 2016.17. Superannuation was discussed - three members of staff currently pay into the scheme. NCC make a deficit charge on the Parish Council of £181.67 per month.

RESOLVED: - To contact NCC for more information on the deficit

Notes to spreadsheet -
Increase skate park repairs to £2k per year
Move precept 'grant' to general reserves
Show the £19k approved for Fourth Avenue upgrade as separate line at bottom

The staffing levels were discussed, this is an ongoing process.

There was a discussion concerning allotment rental prices and it was suggested to charge the following: -

Plot Size Price
2 x quarter plot (standard plot size) £20.00 per year
3 x quarter plot £25.00 per year
4 x quarter plot £30.00 per year
5 x quarter plot £35.00 per year

Agreed in principle but need to take to Parish Council meeting in February to allow for the statutory notice period.


  • Write to solicitors re point 6
  • Apply for grants
  • Chase another fencing contractor for a quote


No update at present

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