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Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 24 April 2019

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Edwinstowe Parish Council held on Wednesday 24th April 2019 commencing at 6.00 pm in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe, and concluding at 7.00 pm

Present: The Chair, Cllrs John Peck, Karen Peck and John Peacock and 2 members of the public.


Welcome by the Chairman

The Chair opened the meeting, welcomed all present and reminded the format and purpose of the meeting.

  1. Approval of minutes
    Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

  2. Chairman's Report 2018/9
    The Chair read the following report: -

    ‘This Final Year of this Councils Term of Office has been an ‘all change’ year for both staff and councillors’.

    First of all, may I give my heartfelt thanks to the members of our staff who are no longer in our employ. David our Senior Amenity Worker leaves this week. Nicola, our admin officer left in March and Alice our Parish Clerk left her work as Clerk a couple of weeks or so ago.

    My thanks go to all three for their work for the Parish Council and to Alice in particular, for guiding me, as Chair and other Parish Councillors through the complexities of local government.

    Both Alice and David are well-known in the village and I am sure residents appreciate the difference they have made to the village over the years.

    We welcome their replacements, James as Clerk, Ruth as Admin Officer and Duncan as Senior Amenity Worker.

    Can I also thank Councillors who will not be standing for a further term of office, for their work especially Barbara Starbrook and Dennis Tattersall. Dennis has served on the council over 30 years and his time and devotion spent on working for the village and I’m sure appreciated by all.

    The past-year has involved the Parish Council working on projects such as the Fourthavenue play area, the wetlands area at the bottom of the High Street and other consultations such as with Harworth Estates and Thoresby Estates.

    We continue to run the allotments, the three play areas, the public toilets and the cemetery.

    Our workers keep the streets clear; the bins emptied and provide the lovely flowered areas around the village, including the cenotaph and hanging baskets.

    We have worked alongside our District and County Councillors to provide other services to residents.

    We were also involved in the Tour of Britain Cycle race for the 2nd year running and again, had a very successful Christmas Fayre.

  3. Responsible Finance Officer's Report 2018/9
    The Finance Officer read the following report: -

    Once again, the finances have been challenging, but the Parish Council has risen to the challenge and have still provided the level of service expected by Edwinstowe residents. The year finished within budget but with reduced general reserves.

    Main items of expenditure during the year were: -
    New Litter barrow for Andy
    Purchase of Christmas Stalls (we now own the stalls and the village will save the Annual rental costs.
    Fence at Boy Lane allotments
    Christmas Lights
    Christmas Lighting Electricity
    Thoresby Memorial (deposit on memorial/groundworks including rebuilding wall/path and fence) – paid for by donations and grant applications.

    Works on the car park lighting are nearing completion with just a couple of queries from Western Power Distribution still to be actioned. Costs for the works have not been received yet.

    Once Western Power is satisfied, the electricity will be greatly reduced, currently electricity costs £2.4k per year.

    The much-needed improvements to the Village Hall have taken place – paid for from grant applications although there are plans for further works which will be paid for by S106 monies, from housing developments in the village.

    The Parish Council works hard to ensure best value for money for all goods and services and have recently reviewed contractors and suppliers used

  4. Guest Speakers

    • Jenny Kirkwood RCAN - Community-Led Planning

      What is a Community-Led Plan?

      Announced in the 2000 ‘Rural White Paper’ and complemented by current policies to devolve government to the lowest level possible. Plans set out a vision of what is important and should identify key facilities and services. They set out the problems that need to be tackled and demonstrate how distinctive character and features can be preserved. In short, a statement of how the community sees itself developing in the near future. They are a 5-10-year vision, that work from the bottom up, holistic and comprehensive. That are an opportunity for rural communities to decide what they want to do and tools to help them do it: how do we tackle our issues of concern? Based on research and consultation.

      Why do a Community-Led Plan?

      Cover a breadth of issues:
      • Health and community care
      • Services and amenities
      • Community facilities
      • Transport and travel
      • Green spaces and countryside issues
      • Leisure and recreation
      • Housing and employment
      • Local governance
      • Information and communication
      • Community safety
      • Environment and conservation

      Project instigation/support:
      • Improvements to public places
      • Additional services
      • Youth activities and child care
      • Health or social projects
      • Community IT
      • Sustainability for existing services
      • Heritage Projects
      • Involves the community > community spirit and confidence
      • Take control of your destiny
      • Identifies local problems and solutions with a united vision > focused base for action
      • Influence
      • Evidence of need for projects
      • Improve Parish Council’s standing

      The Process:
      • Get the community on board
      • Contact possible partners
      • Set up steering group from a wide range of backgrounds and interests
      • Costing/funding/skills search
      • Consultation
      • Action Planning
      • Write and publish
      • Celebrate
      • Time frame 1- 2 years.

      Consultation: Why?
      • Opportunity to gather information from your community.
      • Needs to reflect the views of all sections of the community
      • Identifies which features and local characteristics people value.
      • Identifies local problems and opportunities
      • Spells out how residents want the community to develop in the future
      • Potentially validates your ideas
      • Provides innovative solutions to issues
      • Funders expect it

      Consultation: Who
      • Those who live there
      • Those who work there
      • Those you hope to influence i.e. service providers
      • Your Neighbours
      • Local Interest Groups
      • Hard to reach groups consideration

      Consultation: How?
      • Depends on community needs
      • How you can get all the community to have a say
      • Must choose the methods which will work and reach your community
      • Use a mix of methods dependent on topic to be discussed
      • Options include
      • Mapping/visioning methods
      • Questionnaires/surveys
      • Action Planning
      • Events

      • Cost £3,000 - £6,000 depending on consultation undertaken
      • Awards for all
      • Parish, District and County Council Funding
      • Fundraising events

      Roles of the Parish Council
      • Responsibility for producing and endorsing the plan
      • Not to do it all
      • Support the steering group and its associated working groups
      • Formal adoption
      • Ensuring the plan is monitored

      How can you be involved?
      • Become a steering group member
      • Attend future public meetings
      • Participate in the consultation
      • Be willing to volunteer at different stages of the process.

      How RCAN can help
      • Seek to promote the social and economic well-being of rural communities.
      • Knowledge/experience/expertise
      • Resources

      • For your community
      • Bring people together
      • Consultation
      • Create a cohesive place to live, safe place to live, place full of aspirations
      • Community led plans look to the future, ensure there is a future.

  5. Questions from the floor

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