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Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 25 April 2018

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Edwinstowe Parish Council held on Wednesday 25th April 2018 commencing at 6.00 pm in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe, and concluding at 7.00 pm

Present: The Chair, the Clerk and 3 members of the public


Welcome by the Chairman

The Chair opened the meeting, welcomed all present and reminded the format and purpose of the meeting.

  1. Approval of minutes
    Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

  2. Chairman's Report 2017/8
    The Chair read the following report: -

    ‘Edwinstowe is a village in a state of flux. New developments are all over the place and the Parish Council has played its part in the consultative process with these.

    The Parish Council will also be actively involved as the new developments take shape.

    Over the past year we have;

    1. Looked after the cemetery, allotments, car parks, play areas and some of the green areas around the village.
    2. The Parish Council also liaises with other authorities and bodies concerning their role in the village. Examples of such meetings etc are with the Church, Sherwood Forest Trust, N&S Homes, N&SDC, NCC, RSPB, Harworth Estates, Woodhead Group and many others.
    3. We have had our very successful usual Christmas Event and continue to enhance the attractiveness of the High Street with planting and hanging baskets during the summer months
    4. We continue to produce a very comprehensive magazine three times a year to which groups can contribute. Thanks to the editorial group and office staff for their efforts in putting the magazine together.
    5. We have started a Thoresby Memorial Garden next to the Village Hall to commemorate and celebrate those who worked there and in some cases, gave their lives whilst working there.

    Finally, I want to pay tribute to our staff, both office and amenity workers who all put in effort and time to keep the village the lovely place it is to live.

  3. Responsible Finance Officer's Report 2017/8
    The Clerk read the following report: -

    Once again the finances have been challenging, but the Parish Council has risen to the challenge and have still provided the level of service expected by Edwinstowe residents. The year finished within budget but with reduced general reserves.

    Main items of expenditure during the year were: -

    Site Clearance – Thoresby Memorial Garden
    Backdated Allotment Rent to Thoresby Estates
    New Sewerage Pumps – John Benson Pavillion
    Skate Park Repairs
    Two Defibrillators
    Fourth Avenue Play Equipment

    Generous donations have been received during the year towards the following projects: -
    Thoresby Memorial Fund
    Fourth Avenue Play Area

    And we have further grant applications currently pending.

    Work has commenced on the much needed improvements to the Village Hall and the land has been cleared for the Thoresby Memorial Garden.

  4. Guest Speakers
    • Ian Crane
      Frack Free Sherwood Forest & Edwinstowe

      Ian worked in the Oil and Gas industry until 1998 so has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the process. He gave a detailed report about the process of fracking and its effects.

      He stressed the importance of the Anti-Fracking Community as through their efforts, the UK remains Frack Free. There are currently over 1,000 community groups – ‘Interconnected we stand’

      For the Government to achieve its goal of 50% of energy from a fracked well, between 2021 and 2035, one well per day will need to be sunk. If the process is established in the UK, it will remain for 50 years.

      The company that has the licenses for our area have openly stated that any energy obtained through fracking will be used within their own companies to cover their production and not as part of the National Grid.

      There have been anti-fracking successes in Sussex, Greater Manchester, East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire – these successes are due to the local communities. The reasons in each area are different therefore there is no template to stop fracking.

    • Ross Frazer
      Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

      The RSPB take over the new visitor centre on 1st August 2018 giving two weeks to train staff before it opens in mid-August. The official opening will be mid-September.

      Certain facilities within the current centre, toilets and catering, will remain until after the Robin Hood Festival which is later this year, Monday 27th August 2018 – Sunday 2nd September 2018. After the festival, work will commence to remove the current centre – an 8-12 week programme.

      Ross introduced Gemma, the new Site Manager who will start in post 1st August.

      Woodhead Group are renovating the St John Hut which will become the Education Centre.

      There are currently 700 car parking spaces including Naishes Field (South). Andrew Naish will continue to farm North Field.

      Forest Corner will shut in mid-July so the area between the new centre and the YHA can be block paved.

  5. Questions from the floor


    Meeting closed 1855hrs

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