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Annual Meeting Minutes May 23 2013

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Edwinstowe Parish Council held on Thursday 23rd May commencing at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe

Present: Cllrs Tattersall, J Peck, K Peck, Starbrook, Ayre, George, Cocking and Benson

Welcome by the Vice Chairman Dennis Tattersall


Minutes were approved and signed by Cllr Tattersall




The Chairman's report was read by Cllr J Peck.

2012/13 was another very successful and proactive year. The Parish Council have worked tirelessly on behalf of the village. Parish, District and County Councillors all work together with common aims for the good of Edwinstowe.

Finances are in a very healthy position and we are gradually building up the reserve and stabilising the precept.

Edwinstowe Village News continues to be well received in the village with a variety of articles from a broad section of the community. We are currently working on issue number 6.

We have formal confirmation that we own, on a long-term lease, Jubilee Park (playing field adjacent to Friars Park) This is a facility for the whole of Edwinstowe to use and enjoy. After a successful bid to Nottinghamshire County Council's Local Improvement Scheme, we will be installing a skate park later this year.


The Clerk read the following report:

The year ended within budget and with general reserves of £20k an increase to the budgeted figure of £15k. It is good practice for Parish Councils to hold the equivalent of 6 months precept in general reserves which for us is approximately £60k. It is vital that we build up our reserves especially as we now own the Village Hall.

Low levels of expenditure are maintained as most of the village maintenance is carried out by our Amenity Team and materials are recycled wherever possible.

Notable items of expenditure this year are: -

The Parish Council subsidise the hanging baskets on the High Street every year and also provide flags and bunting to make the area look festive and welcoming.

The Precept for 2013/14 set by the Parish Council will be £113,714, an increase of £1,126 from 2012/13 to cover increased costs. This is a 1% increase on the precept for 2012/13 and is therefore below the current rate of inflation (2.7%)

The situation with the precept for this year has been confused and confusing. In brief it would seem that Edwinstowe residents were charged with an additional £8,600 in order to protect against the net effect of adverse statutory changes in Edwinstowe's Council Tax. We will ringfence this amount to 'give back' to Edwinstowe residents when setting future precepts.

The Parish Council continues to work hard to give very good value, providing amenities and taking care of the village.

Cllr Tattersall proposed a vote of thanks to the Clerk for all her hard work over the past year.




  1. Protection of Open Spaces - Cllr Josie Cocking
    Several weeks ago Cllrs Cocking and Brooks met with Jamie Leeson of Fields in Trust which is an organisation that helps to 'protect' recreation sites from future development. The Edwinstowe sites discussed were Jubilee Park and the two areas on Henton Road. All proposed sites meet the criteria and we just have the final formalities to go through. There will be no cost to the tax payer, just a one-off payment of £80.

  2. Parks & Open Spaces - Cllr Barbara Starbrook
    New gates have been erected on the Henton Road dog park. The upgraded play area continues to be well used by families which deters the previous antisocial behaviour that was occurring.

  3. Forest Cemetery - Cllr Dennis Tattersall
    On behalf of the Parish Council, and as Chair of the Cemetery Working Group, I would like to thank Kevin, the grounds man, for all his good ideas, enthusiasm and hard work throughout the year. Not only does he carry out all landscaping and maintenance, but he has also saved the Parish Council a lot of money by making various items himself from reclaimed materials. Together with David they re-roofed the shed at a fraction of the cost.

    We appreciate that the Forest Cemetery is the last resting place of loved ones. We wish to keep it as a quiet, beautiful place, therefore to maintain high standards various items have been bought, such as new lowering straps, a water pump and a generator to bail out water logged graves.

    We receive many compliments about how well maintained the cemetery looks. The Cemetery Working Group regularly meets to review procedures, address issues, and revise the rules & regulations when necessary. We also discuss ideas and plans, continually looking where any improvements can be made.

  4. Patient Participation Group - Cllr Chrissie Ayre
    Over the last year Patient Participation Group activities have been very successful. There have been two Saturday Flu Vaccination Surgeries and a Christmas Fair where funds were raised towards a new patient calling system.

    The Group were overwhelmed by the support from residents, local shops and businesses in Edwinstowe for the fantastic raffle prizes and many kind donations for the tombola, bric-a-brac and nearly new clothes stalls. Nearly £1,000 has been raised which means the patient call system is nearly ready to be installed.

  5. Village Events - Cllr Karen Peck
    Last year the events committee worked extremely hard and despite the weather, held some successful village events.

    Thanks to Izi for providing 'life-saving' gazebos for the Diamond Jubilee event which really transformed the day and was surprisingly well-attended. Thanks to all the entertainers, stall-holders and people of Edwinstowe for supporting the event.

    Thousands of people lined the streets of Edwinstowe for the Olympic Torch Relay in June. The Parish Council gave out free flags and once again worked tirelessly on the day to ensure the event was extremely successful.

    We had the best weather for the Christmas Light Switch on event which was extremely well attended - the most successful Christmas Event in recent years. This year we had a slightly different layout which worked well. Thanks to Alice and the team for all their hard work.

    Cllr Tattersall thanked Cllr K Peck for her efforts and valuable, tireless contribution she gives to all the Parish Council events.


No Questions.

Meeting closed at 18.50pm

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