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Draft Annual Meeting Minutes May 22 2014

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Edwinstowe Parish Council held on Thursday 22nd May commencing at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe

Welcome by the Chair

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present. This is a meeting of the Parish and not a Parish Council meeting, so could you inform the meeting if you intend to record the meeting. One person indicated that they wished to record the meeting, a vote was taken and 19 objected. It was therefore agreed that the meeting would not be recorded.


The minutes had been approved at the Ordinary Meeting following the Annual Parish Meeting last year. There were no matters arising.

2. CHAIR'S REPORT 2013/14

The Chair read a synopsis of the Parish Council's activities over the previous year including -

A full copy of the report is available at the Parish Council Office.


The Clerk read the following report: -

At the end of March 2014, due to careful financial monitoring and despite various equipment purchases during the year, the Parish Council managed to increase the general reserves. The main areas of savings made during the year were: -

Parish Council and van insurance
Broadband and telephone
Water machine
Grass cutting
Cleaning materials and equipment
Website management
Christmas lights

We have increased the workers' wages to (at least) the living wage from 1st April 2014, paid for a new heating system and photocopier in the Village Hall which will benefit all users of the hall, new gates for Henton Road dog park and purchased a ride on mower, portable generator and water pump to assist our workers with their maintenance work.

During 2013/14, Councillors agreed to purchase some motif Christmas lights for the High Street lamp posts will be extended to all High Street lamp posts this year and therefore reduce costs for future Christmases.


County Council Report - C/Cllr John Peck

C/Cllr Peck represents Edwinstowe, Clipstone, Kings Clipstone, Rufford and Bilsthorpe and is extremely passionate about Edwinstowe. Summary of his work in Edwinstowe over the past year: -

Skate Park - Cllr Karen Peck

Cllr K Peck gave a summary of the skate park from the early idea to its fruition this year. It is a unique high quality facility that was designed by young people in Edwinstowe. The site is continually being monitored and there are further developments planned such as further tree planting and landscaping.

Forest Cemetery - Cllr Dennis Tattersall

The Parish Council has responsibility for the Forest Cemetery which is extremely well cared for by Kevin, the Groundsman. It is an area for the village to be proud of.

Patient Participation Group - Cllr Chris Ayre

Cllrs Ayre and Tattersall are part of the PPG as residents and not as Parish Councillors, however they do act as a link between both organisations.

Cllr Ayre reported on the impact that missed appointments has on the Major Oak surgery - both financially and man hours. In April 2014, 151 appointments were missed wasting 25.5 hrs and £1,082.34. This is not a problem peculiar to Edwinstowe but across the country.

During the year the Group have: -

There are 8 members on the Board. Residents can apply to be on a virtual group which sits outside the PPG but receives information. There will be an article in the next magazine.

Edwinstowe Village News - Cllr Josie Cocking

If you are interested in being on the Editorial Board, please let the Clerk know. The magazine is extremely successful proven by the regular contributions from groups and organisations in the Village. It is a way for the Parish Council to connect with these groups and the residents of Edwinstowe. It is also a good way to disprove rumours that are frequently circulated in the village. All advertisements are taken in good faith and the Parish Council are not biased or coerced in any way.


There was a general discussion concerning the impact of missed appointments on the Major Oak Surgery. The Parish Council will

Agenda for June Meeting
Request an article in the next Edwinstowe Village News
Investigate further possible actions

The hazard of the overgrown hedge on Mansfield Road was raised. Clerk to send another letter and contact NCC Highways

It was agreed, by the meeting, to extend this section by 15 mins

The overgrown hedge between Edwinstowe and Ollerton was raised and the difficulty of travelling by mobility scooter along the pavement. Clerk to contact NCC Highways

The number of residents who regularly complain to the Parish Council about the skate park was challenged as the Chair had recently reported that only 2 households regularly contact the Parish Council. Of the 5 households represented at the meeting 3 were against the skate park.

A resident complained about the gates that have been installed blocking the access to Jubilee Park from Friar's Park - except for a few residents who have keys. It was confirmed that the residents are within their rights to install the gates as there was no formal application made by Barratts to establish the right of way.

1945hrs - Meeting closed

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