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Meeting Minutes July 2020

Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 7.00pm via Zoom as a remote meeting. Members of the public were in attendance.


The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present to the Parish Councils first Zoom remote meeting, including the general public. Chair reported that the meeting is recorded by the Parish Council.


Apologies received; Cllrs Brown, Freeman and Rogers.


Cllr Carlton item 5 High Street
Cllr Murphy 20/24 allotments

ON 23rd JUNE 2020

Chair opened a discussion on the publishing of draft minutes on the Parish Council website.

Chair asked the full council to vote “for those in favour of not publishing amended draft minutes on the Parish Council website until approved by the next full council meeting”.

Approved unanimously.

Chair reported that the Clerk had sought advice regarding confidential minutes, and that in future all confidential minutes will appear on a different coloured paper. They will only be distributed at the meeting, they will not be published, and however records will be kept in the office.

Chair asked Clerk to read out advice from ALCC Association of Local Council Clerks who recommend including the following in future agendas “To resolve to exclude the Press and public from the following item(s) in accordance with The Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960”. Chair reported that confidential items to be included at the end of the meeting and will require public to leave the meeting at this point. All confidential items to be minutes onto separate coloured paper.

Chair asked for a vote to agree on the above.

Approved unanimously.

Chair asked for amendments to minutes;

Cllr Troop requested amendments to 20/10 financial matters salaries. To include; Cllr Freeman proposed the adoption of the incremental increase, seconded by Cllr Brooks. Cllr Troop requested further information on incremental increases and at that point Cllr Freeman withdrew the proposal and it was agreed to be moved as an agenda item to the next full council meeting.

Approved unanimously.

Cllr Peacock requested amendments to 20/8 dog bins and bottle banks. To include; Cllr Peacock reported over flowing dog bins to NSDC and that NSDC were having problems with increased demands for dog bins.

Cllr Peacock had also asked RSPB to reopen ordinary bins within the forest and that was causing further problems to people.

Approved unanimously.

Cllr Murphy requested amendments under Councillors questions to include; Cllr Murphy asked a question regarding S106 money to the church room’s kitchens and that the Chair said we would write to the church rooms regarding this.

Approved unanimously.

Cllr Murphy requested amendments under 28/5 regarding the cemetery barrier to include; Cllr Murphy raised concerns regarding the cemetery barrier opening times as it restricted access to individuals with disabilities.

Approved unanimously.

Chair reported that in future minutes will be as short as possible, not long, minutes not hours. Unless requested they will not report verbatim.

20/22 MATTERS ARISING (following NALC guidelines)

Cllr Troop gave feedback that the RSPB had reopened the car park as part of normal operations.

Cllr K Peck asked if a letter had been sent to NCC highways for a quick response to the damage on the high street. Clerk reported correspondence with Jacqui Petrovic and had sent an e-mail before, thanking them for quick reactions on the high street furniture matter.


Chair asked if the council would like to move public participation to the beginning of meetings in the future. This was proposed by Cllr K Peck and Seconded by Cllr Murphy.

Approved unanimously.

20/31 Public participation 'standing orders were suspended for this '.
The Chair asked the public if they had any questions. No questions were raised.
‘Standing orders were reinstated’.
'20/23 resumed'

Cllr J Peck reported that suitable locations for Gateway Signs had been identified and request that Highways be involved. Was agreed to include Harworths in location of the sign on Ollerton Road.

Cllr Peacock asked if we had contacted Lidsters regarding levelling up the mining memorial. Clerk had contacted Lidsters previously.


Cllr Ayres reported on the allotments that a site visit and committee meeting had taken place. All allotment holders were sent a reminder in June that a quarter of each plot should be cultivated by the end of June under our agreement, reasons for this not being done should be given to the Parish Council. Two allotment holders replied and gave reasons for this not being the case. Will be a further site meeting in September to see if any start to cultivate those plots has taken place. Generally the site is being well looked after by allotment holders, there are some overhanging branches from gardens that need attention and some sort of suitable material for repairs to the allotment site road. All allotment holders had paid rent, just waiting for three signatures from allotment holders, it is important that we obtain these signatures. Chair emphasised importance of obtaining signatures as we want to know what that money is paying for. The Parish Council did have a county court case years previously and the Judge stated it was important to obtain signatures. If plot holders do not sign for their plot then we have no evidence that they are responsible for that plot. Legally we do require those three signatures.

Cllr Peacock reported that it was agreed to meet the allotment association to develop a better relationship.

Cllr Ayre reported that we are now contacting all allotment holders with e-mail addresses via e-mail. The amount of administration using other methods cannot be justified and the price of plots would have to rise substantially to cover post and hand delivery. The exception to this would be for renewing rental agreements when a signature is required.

Cllr K Peck reported that an events committee had been called but were unable to gain quorate, so an informal meeting took place between Clerk, Chair and Cllr K Peck to discuss the book festival, it was agreed to pursue it.

20/25 AGENDA

  1. Section 106 money
    • Village Hall window
      Has been double glazed with obscured glass. Will be painted in the near future.

    • Village Hall toilets
      Contractors were asked for quotes before Covid but did not want to quote during March until the council had obtained 106 money so that they could plan their work schedules. Then we were overtaken with Covid, so we have started to put out for quotes again.

      Cllr J Peck requested a meeting with village hall management committee to go through quotes which may not be the cheapest obtained.

      Cllr Peacock asked that we consider rainwater harvesting even if we do not consider that option in the future.

      Chair made a proposal that the finance committee and Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee meet up to authorise a decision on which quote to go for. Seconded by Cllr Ayre.

      Cllr K Peck commented that the decision for such a large amount of money should not be devolved to a group and the decision made by full council, even we have to call an emergency meeting to pass it.

      Voting took place on the motion prosed by the chair, 4 voted in favour, 3 against with 1 abstention. The motion is passed. The finance committee will meet with Chair of the village hall management committee and the Clerk when we have the three quotes in and decide. Designs looked at in previous meeting.

    • Guttering Village Hall
      Chair reported damage to the window and walls is due to guttering which has been blocked and not at the right angle to drain. Chair proposed that some of the S106 money is spent on resolving this issue.

      Cllr Peacock reported previous Clerk had spent part of the £20,000 grant on the Parish Office which included tending to the Guttering, ask that the contactor is asked to explain their work.

    • Solar Panels
      Cllr Peacock reported that the Parish Council were awarded £20,000 from NSDC towards the Solar Panels at the Sports Pavilion. In addition Robin Hood Colts have submitted application to football foundation for further money should be finished by September. Cllr Peacock proposed submitting a paper to the Parish Council to answer further questions.

      Chair made clear that the village hall toilet scheme has already had approval from the Parish Council.

      Cllr J Peck moved Cllr Peacocks proposal that a paper is submitted to the Parish Council with all the details for clarification, seconded by Cllr Carlton.

      Approved Unanimously

    • Container
      Container is in place, this additional storage has freed up space in the office. All market stalls have been placed within the container. Stalls will be wire brushed down and painted as they are not galvanised.

  2. High Street furniture
    Furniture arriving 3rd August.

  3. Skate Park
    Further repairs have been made, require a finance quote for insurance.

    Cllr Murphy requested that the contractor comes back to look at nails installed. Agreed.

    A discussion on CCTV took place, Cllr Carlton declared an interest on the high street. His shop had suffered vandalism and whilst the police were investigating the incident, CCTV will play a role. Cllr Carlton happy to work together with Cllr Peacock for multiple locations for deployable CCTV.

    Chair asked that the Parish Council write a formal letter to Alan Batty and Matthew Finch for CCTV.

  4. Book Festival
    Cllr K Peck a letter was sent out to all councillors with the updated information and to schedule a meeting with Book Festival organisers on a zoom meeting. There is a scheduled meeting on the high street at end of July, request that Events Committee members are invited to the meeting. The event to be scaled down to a book market, and look into mitigation of risks including number of people on the high street. Appreciate risk assessments will be completed. Zoom meeting was arranged so that the events committee can report back to the Parish Council at the next full council meeting.

  5. Forest Corner Plan
    A discussion took place, Cllr J Peck received a draft plan as a county councillor for the development of Forest Corner. Felt it was poor that the Parish Council were not consulted before the draft plan was produced. Requested that the Chair writes on behalf of the Parish Council, point out that the Parish Council were asked our views prior to that document going out. Cllr Peacock requested that Richard Huthwaite Tourism manager at NSDC undertakes a remote meeting with the Parish Council.

20/26 Correspondence

  2. Contact Form – Internet connectivity
  3. NSDC - D-19 Humanitarian Assistance Response Team (HART)
  4. NALC – Newsletter
  5. NALC – Remote meetings
  6. RCAN - Government Guidance for Community
  7. NALC – Play Areas
  8. NALC – Village Hall
  9. Artful Logistics – sculpture removal
  10. RCAN - membership
  11. NSDC – High Street TTRO
  12. RSPB – Update
  13. ALCC – Newsletter
  14. BHIB – Risk Assessments

NALC risk assessments for play parks to be referred to Parks and Opens Space Committee and Health and Safety Committee.


Chair informed Parish Council that the Internal Audit report was completed and required Parish Council approval to witness a wet signature. Internal auditor approves the Parish Council system of internal control. Councillors all received paper copies of the AGAR / bank reconciliation and annual internal report signed and dated.

Cllr J Peck moved to approve the systems of internal financial control, seconded by Cllr Ayre.

7 members approved, 1 abstained. Motion approved.

Chair asked for a vote to sign the governance report.

7 members approved, 1 abstained. Approved.

Chair asked for a vote to sign the accounting statement

7 members approved, 1 abstained. Approved.

All documents were signed.


Chair asked Clerk to read the ALCC statement “To resolve to exclude the Press and public from the following item(s) in accordance with The Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960”.

Salaries were placed as a confidential item.


25.06.2020 Prime Property Repairs £190.00
25.06.2020 Thoresby Settlement Land Lease £65.00
26.06.2020 Salaries Wages £3,747.03
26.06.2020 HMRC PAYE/NIC £1,270.14
26.06.2020 NCC Pension £1,770.16
29.06.2020 Prime Property Repairs £610.00
30.06.2020 Unity Trust Manual handling £8.90
30.06.2020 Unity Trust Service Charge £37.65
02.07.2020 Prime Property Window Replacement £410.00
02.07.2020 NSDC Dog Bins £1,067.04
10.07.2020 Salaries Wages £1,950.19


17.06.2020 UK Fuels Ltd Petrol/Diesel £108.61
26.06.2020 Better Connected Telecoms £78.06
01.07.2020 DVLA Vehicle Tax £23.18
01.07.2020 NSDC East lane car park £58.00
01.07.2020 NSDC West lane car park £49.00
01.07.2020 NSDC Mansfield Rd car park £69.00
03.07.2020 ICO Data Protection £35.00
08.07.2020 UK Fuels Ltd Petrol/Diesel £37.27
15.07.2020 UK Fuels Ltd Petrol/Diesel £70.96

BANK BALANCE   £82,729.27

All finances were approved.

Chair reported that the audit will be simpler in the future as we no longer have the two bank accounts with two separate bank balances, pay money by cheque and have removed petty cash payments.

Cllr Ayre thanked the Clerk for getting the Audit correct particularly as we have had a financial changeover.


NSDC Councillor Scot Carlton’s report to the Parish Council June 2020

Continued since the last meeting offering support to local businesses that have experienced issues obtaining financial help. Received confirmation today that another local business has been successful in obtaining assistance.

Police and Crime Panel Update – Paddy Tipping (Notts PCC) will now chair the Association of Police Crime Commissioners.

Continued lobbying for greater police resources for the village, including regular patrols.

Reported various fly-tip, most notably and recently along Mill Lane. Made stronger representations to the District to use its full range of powers to help combat this issue.

Called on the District Council to adopt the City of York Council’s “tosser” campaign in relation to litter dropping and encourage more residents/visitors to take more social responsibility for their actions. This has been adopted by the council.

Conversed with many residents over the proposal for the Forest Corner Master Plan and encouraged them to have their say throughout the consultation period.

Cllr Murphy asked that as a Parish council we send a letter congratulating him on his recent appointment.

Cllr J Peck has been away, full council meets on Thursday will save report till later.

NSDC Councillor Paul Peacock’s report to the Parish Council July 2020

Continued working with NSDC and Robin Hood Colts to develop the Sherwood Fields PV project.

Met with NSDC Tourism Officer to discuss further developing the Robin Hood story and enhancing the link between the Forest Corner and the village.

Asked the NSDC Tourism Officer to provide some dates he is available to present more information to Parish Councillors regarding the consultation on the future of Sherwood Forest.

Reported parking issues on Swinecote Road and Maythorn Grove, asked for stronger enforcement activity and to review the Parking orders that are currently in place.

Pressed NCC and NSDC officers to take away the temporary parking restrictions on the high street.

Met stakeholders to review social distancing measures on the High Street, speaking to several business owners beforehand so that I could put forward their views to the meeting.

Asked the NSDC Senior Enforcement Officer to look into First Port’s obligations regarding maintenance to communal areas on Friar’s Park. The grass to the north of the site has now been cut. The trees in this area still need attention.




Chair suggested meetings, revert to second Tuesday of the month. Tuesday 8th September 2020. Standing orders state that we do not meet in August. Approved.

A discussion on meetings took place.

Meeting finished at 9.15pm.

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