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Meeting Minutes October 2014

Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 9 October 2014 at 7.00pm in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe

Present: Cllrs Cocking, Brooks, Tattersall, Ayre, J Peck, K Peck, George

Apologies: Cllrs Benson, Starbrook, Freeman


The Chair opened the meeting and asked if anyone was intending to record the meeting. One member of the public indicated that they would be both video and audio recording. The Chair reminded the meeting that if a member of the public did not wish to be recorded during public participation time they could request that the recording be paused.

The Chair also reminded the public that the meeting was a Parish Council meeting with a public participation section (guidelines have been distributed) and not a public meeting.

The Chair read the following to the meeting. Extract from Abolition of the Standards Board written by Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister of State for Decentralisation.

"The Localism Act makes it clear that it is proper for councillors to play an active part in local discussion and that they should not be liable to legal challenge as a result. This will help them better represent their constituents and enrich local democratic debate. People can elect their councillor confident in the knowledge that they will be able to act on the issues they care about and have campaigned on."


Cllr Boughey - Dispensation

Apologies approved and accepted unanimously


Cllr Brooks will leave the meeting during the planning section as she is on the District Council's Planning Group

ON 4th September 2014

Minutes were approved and signed.


The Chair suspended Standing Orders (agreed unanimously) to allow for representatives of Helping Hands to make a presentation to the meeting.

This is a newly formed organisation which aims to set up groups in the village that, due to cutbacks, have been discontinued such as the Youth Club. They also intend to hold a weekly lunch club at the Lynds Close Centre. Anyone wishing to get involved; please contact the Parish Council Office.

Cllr Ayre suggested contacting the other village community centres.

Reinstate Standing Orders


  1. Skate Park and Jubilee Park - Update
    The Parish Council is working with Sherwood Forest Trust reference tree planting, the wild area and bunding around the skate park.

    The Parish Council is researching play equipment to update the children's play area. Once catalogues have been received, there will be a consultation exercise. Cllr J Peck has contacted N&SDC for suggestions/quotes.

  2. Interactive Speed Sign - Rufford Road
    The preferred site has been identified (just before Robin Hood Avenue going out of the village) and the date for installation is between October 2014 and March 2015 but probably before Christmas.

  3. High Street Wall - Update
    Email received from NCC Highways - "...the revised design details being adopted as required by the Senior Highways Liaison Officer, NCC and Senior Planning Officer, Conservation, N&SDC [...] will enable an early completion of the work to make safe the retaining wall and enable the temporary safety barriers on High Street to be removed to the satisfaction of Nottinghamshire County Council Highways."

  4. Car Parks - Update
    The delay in the handover of the car parks from N&ammp;SDC was due to establishing the boundaries of the doctors parking area. The decision will be taken to N&SDC full council meeting in November.

    The reason the Parish Council wish to take over the car parks is to guarantee that they remain free.


Commenced 1922hrs

The Chair reminded the meeting this section is run in line with Standing Order 37.5 and also referred to the Public/Members Question Times sheet that had been distributed - "...WHAT YOU CAN'T ASK? Is substantially the same question which has been put at a meeting of the council in the past 6 months..."

Why did the Parish Council feel it was necessary to take over Ollerton Road Allotments and not Boy Lane?
The Chair chose to answer this question explaining that complaints had been received from Ollerton Road allotment holders concerning intimidating behaviour, lack of tenancy agreements, asbestos on site and piped water. The only option was to take over the administration of the site until the situation calms down. No complaints have been received from Boy Lane allotments.

Jim Rhodes, President of Ollerton Road Allotment Association - after a recent court case against a previous allotment holder, the association wrote to the individual asking him not to come onto the site. He is still visiting the site and states that unless he hears differently from the Parish Council, he will continue to do so. Will the Parish Council write to this individual to advise him?
The Chair chose to respond - No, this is not a question for public debate but we are prepared to discuss this in private. Mr Rhodes read a statement withdrawing the association from the 1951 agreement. He raised his voice and was asked to sit down but refused and continued to talk. The Chair asked him to sit down again or he would be asked to leave. He refused, so the Chair adjourned the meeting at 1927hrs until Mr Rhodes left, followed by another member of the public.

The meeting reconvened with the permission of the Councillors.

Cllr J Peck said the conduct of some members of the public showed a total disrespect for the Chair, the Council and the meeting. This is not the first time this has happened. This is not a public meeting.

Public participation resumed at 1930hrs

A resident walked out of the meeting shouting insults and that a letter he had recently received was disrespectful.

A resident informed the meeting that during the April Parish Council meeting she had stood up to give a vote of no confidence in the Parish Council. Why does the Chair insist the disagreement is between two allotment holders when it is an argument between her and the Chair? The Chair responded that she would not discuss the April meeting but was there a question about Parish Council business?

Are the Parish Councillors aware of the legislation concerning Class 3 mobility scooters?
The Chair responded that one of the Parish Councillors is an expert as she sells mobility scooters and will advise accordingly.

What is the situation regarding the water at the Ollerton Road Allotment Site?
The Chair chose to respond - there are 5 stand pipes on the site and no water rates have ever been paid. Allotment holders were made aware in March that they will be asked to pay a contribution for water in their next rent payment.

Why did you say that the SNG Chair does not let the Parish Council know about the agreed targets as he always emails the Parish Council Office?
The Clerk has never received an email from the previous SNG Chair.

Are there any plans to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the start of World War 1?
There was a service at the Cenotaph and poppies have been planted around the village.

Can the Parish Council confirm that they and Edwinstowe Village Hall are registered as private limited companies?
(computer printouts from CompanyCheck were handed to the Chair) The Chair stated that under no circumstances are the Parish Council or Village Hall limited companies. Clerk to make enquiries

Cllr J Peck informed the meeting that it is illegal for any Parish, District, County or Town Council to be registered as a limited company.

What is the position regarding the two eyesores in the Village - Edwinstowe News (Mansfield Road) and the Jug and Glass

  • Edwinstowe News is currently undergoing renovation works and will be a take away
  • The Jug and Glass has planning permission to be turned into 4 apartments and is currently on the market. The Parish Council are in touch with N&SDC and the owner reference the condition of the building, particularly the roof.

Ended 1940hrs


Commenced 1923hrs

Cllr Cocking read the following to the meeting;
"Were colleagues puzzled about the way I signed off a letter printed in the Chad about Warsop Fire Station? Well it was to make it clear it was my personal view of the issue. However, to put the record straight I am a Labour Party member and I am a Parish Councillor and proud to be so of a successful one that has given us financial stability and provided and organised, with the expertise of the Parish Clerk, many community projects and events during its term of office which will end in May 2015."

"I would refer members of the public to agenda item 14/071 paragraph vi of the minutes of the September 4th Parish Council meeting that have been authorised as correct and will be a legal document now. We have had many and various slanderous insults to contend with lately - of being corrupt and ignorant and our amenity workers as too many and not giving value for money. They do a good job in all weathers and circumstances and are a valued team as is the Clerk and her assistant."

"In spite of all that, here we are listening to you and we will take the actions needed when we can within the powers a Parish Council does have. Anything else is referred to Newark and Sherwood District Council or to Nottinghamshire County Council and the respective Councillors Celia Brooks and John Peck follow it through on our behalf and report back to us here on the progress of the matters and I have every confidence in them."

Cllr Tattersall was going to report the litter outside the Black Swan and the Royal Oak but this has now been sorted.

Ended 1945hrs


Available from Parish Council Office.

  1. Safer Neighbourhood Group
    The AGM was held last week and the new Chair is Eva Collins. The three targets identified at the last meeting were
    • Vehicles speeding in the village
    • Parking on pavements
    • Vehicle thefts from Occupation Lane
    The next meeting will be in the Parish Council Office - Tuesday 18 November 2014 6.00pm to 7.00pm

  2. Allotment Working Group
    The working group have now finished looking through the example agreement (from the National Association) between council and tenant. We still need to revisit some points and make a few minor adjustments before it is formally adopted but the general principles have been established.

    So far subletting, conduct, lease terms, termination of tenancy, change of address and notice to quit have been discussed. Hedges and paths, trees, security, inspection and water/hoses and fires are still to be looked at.

    Unfortunately two members of the Allotment Association and a Boy Lane representative have withdrawn from the working group so their long standing experience has been lost. There is the option for them to return if they choose.

    Cllr K Peck asked the following questions related to a leaflet that had recently been delivered to Edwinstowe residents.

    Does the Parish Council plan to make a profit from running the allotments?

    No - the Parish Council has already written to allotment holders with the proposed costs which includes admin charges, water and rent. A standard size plot (which equates to two quarter plots) will cost approximately £17.50 per year.

    Does the Parish Council anticipate there will be any charge to Edwinstowe residents regarding the allotments?

    Does the Parish Council plan on selling the land where the Ollerton Road allotments are?
    No, it belongs to Thoresby Estates

    Does the Parish Council intend to drive the allotment holders off the site?

    Has the Parish Council faced a judicial review over the allotments?
    No. The Parish Council was threatened with judicial review but it was withdrawn.

  3. Fourth Avenue Working Group - Arrange Meeting Date
    We have received further information from CISWO and need to arrange a working group meeting date. Clerk to contact members

  4. Finance Committee - Arrange Meeting Date
    Clerk to contact members. Cllr J Peck requested High Street works including moving a seat and purchase of extra planters to be added to the agenda.

  5. Events - Christmas
    The date for this year's event was unanimously approved as Thursday 27th November, 4.30pm - 7.00pm.

    Many thanks to Amby Tatla from Forest Holidays who has offered to provide the Santa's Grotto this year, possibly with some reindeer.

    Due to the introduction of motif lights on the High Street lampposts, it will not be possible to have a big switch on, however there will be some form of 'switch on'.

    Weather permitting this year's event should be better than ever.

14/089 AGENDA

  1. Mansfield Road Toilets
    Andy Statham from N&SDC would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the Parish Council taking over the responsibility of Mansfield Road toilets. Edwinstowe is one of the few remaining villages that provides public toilets and it is important to ensure we keep them.

  2. Community Asset Nomination - Old Methodist Chapel, High Street

  3. Community Asset Nomination - Jubilee Park

  4. Community Asset Nomination - Ollerton Road Allotments
    Agenda items 14/089 (ii), (iii) and (iv) were dealt with together.

    The Chair read the following to the meeting;

    "The Localism Act 2011 allows for Parish Councils and properly constituted community groups to nominate land and buildings used by the community as 'Assets of Community Value' (ACV). Such assets are protected to the extent that if the owners wish to sell the Asset they must first inform the District Council who are required to delay the sale for an initial period of six weeks and up to six months whilst the community group can prepare a bid. This does not mean that the asset must be sold to the community group merely that they have an opportunity to bid."

    These bids have been submitted by Edwinstowe United. Cllr J Peck expressed bemusement why Edwinstowe United have nominated Jubilee Park as the area is owned by NCC, leased to the Parish Council for 99 years and has Fields in Trust protection against development. One of the applicants on the nomination form has made some very complimentary remarks about Jubilee Park which are in total contrast to an email received by the Parish Council from the same resident. In the email she writes, '...will continue to campaign to get it demolished.'

    Similarly, Ollerton Road allotments will not be sold despite the lies that are being spread in the village.

    Events reported in the nomination form to have taken place in the Old Methodist Chapel on the High Street cannot be substantiated and the claim that it is the spiritualist centre of the village is questionable considering St Marys Church dates back to the 12th Century.

    The Parish Council agreed not to object to the nominations.

  5. Parish Poll
    The Chair read the following to the meeting,
    "The Context of the Poll
    It was called by someone who on Radio Nottingham said "people are worried for their children. The issue is wider than the allotments. The Parish Poll has to be on an issue, it has to have a question. The allotments, as an allotment holder, are the only one I had a personal interest in getting together and acknowledge it is a much wider issue than that." The leaflet and A5 card put out were full of what at best can be called 'misinformation' and no one was told who was responsible for the literature. The fact that a phone number was on the leaflet offering lifts does not amount to giving the public information about who made the assertions on the anonymous leaflet."

    "I have also had reports back from the public that people were being told, when going into vote, that the Parish Council were closing the allotments and selling the land, which already has outline planning permission for housing. This is not true. Several comments have been made to several Parish Councillors about the waste of money involved in running the poll."

    "As a Parish Council it would have been quite wrong for us to do campaigning of this nature. It would also have been an even greater waste of local council tax payers money."

    "We shall continue to seek feedback from the public, particularly about their understanding of what exactly the issues are with regard to the Ollerton Road Allotments."

    "We are also keeping all of the allotment holders informed about what is happening. Other than from the President of the allotment association we have had almost no feedback recently against our proposal to take over the administration of the site. We have received supportive or neutral comments from quite a number of people. We continue to have working group meetings and are making good progress on drawing up the letting agreements to be in place in March 2015. We want to make it clear to allotment holders and the general public that the Parish Council is only concerned with regularising affairs by making sure that there is an acceptable and fair letting agreement in place for each plot holder. We need to ensure that there is clarity about the rules around renting an allotment and about the consequences of not following the rules."

    "We still get comments about the terrible atmosphere and the intimidation on the allotment site which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Someone, not involved directly with the site, referred to it as 'World War 3'"

    "I don't feel this can be resolved without the Parish Council taking over the administration of the site to give the situation time to cool. The intention of the Parish Council is that, in time, allotment holders will administer the allotments themselves."

    The turnout for the Parish Poll was extremely low - 8.9%, 91.1% of the electorate did not vote. This was the lowest turnout in living memory. Two anonymous leaflets were distributed containing misinformation, scaremongering and lies. Councillors felt the cost of the poll, at over £1600, was a waste of Council Tax payers' money and many residents would be unhappy that just 14 people had voted for the poll, but the Parish Council had to pick up the bill.

    The Parish Council's role is to reach agreement with members of the allotment association and we hope to hand it back to the allotment holders.

    Result of Poll - noted

  6. Robin Hood Line
    Cllr J Peck has been campaigning to extend the Robin Hood line for a considerable time. He is now on the NCC committee. Cllr Peck proposed putting petitions around the village in shops, businesses etc which C/Cllr J Peck will present to NCC. Agreed unanimously


Newark & Sherwood District Council Annual Playground Inspections Noted
Newark & Sherwood District Council Chairman's Murder Mystery Event Noted
Nottinghamshire County Council - Transport & Travel Services Draft Integrated Ticketing Strategy Noted - details on website




  • Approval of External Audit
    The external audit has been returned with no problems. The external was noted and approved unanimously.
  • Approval of Letter to Auditors concerning Charges
    The standard audit fee is £600 however; the auditors have invoiced £525 for additional enquiries they had to make whilst completing the audit. The Chair proposed sending a letter to Grant Thornton for more information. Approved unanimously


Approved and signed by Chair.

01.09.14 Village Hall Mgt Cttee Gas Charges to Sept 2014 £4.02
01.09.14 DA Williams Electrical Testing £288.00
03.09.14 Cash Petty Cash £60.12
04.09.14 PC World Voice Recorder £64.99
05.09.14 County Supplies Brush Heads £43.20
10.09.14 JPK Services Mower Repair £20.95
15.09.14 B&Q Supplies/Materials £27.36
16.09.14 Viking Stationery Stationery £27.88
22.09.14 PPE Work Solutions Work Gloves £10.99
22.09.14 PHS Group Waste Collection £83.94
22.09.14 N&SDC Car Park Rents £1,354.13
23.09.14 Town & Country Grass Cutting £1,744.80
24.09.14 Gavin Kenning Christmas Stalls £414.00
24.09.14 Village Hall Mgt Cttee Electric to September £102.58
25.09.14 Cash Petty Cash £107.51
25.09.14 Swinton Insurance Policy Amendments £25.00
29.09.14 Village Hall Mgt Cttee Cancelled Hall Hire Fee - Parish Poll £5.80
29.09.14 Garden Tractor Spares Mower Spare £154.42

Cheques were approved unanimously.


  • Edwinstowe Bowls Club - Contribution towards cost of fence
  • King Edwin Primary & Nursery School - Contribution towards cost of replacement pirate ship sail

It was unanimously agreed to grant £200 to both of the above. Clerk to raise cheques


District Council Report

The District Council Planning Committee recently visited Edwinstowe conservation area (map available on the website, in the noticeboards and at the Council office). The conservation area is the responsibility of N&SDC and the Parish Council has raised various issues for consideration. No report has been received to date. Agenda item November

County Council Report

The High Street potholes have now been marked out and the High Street will be resurfaced at some point. C/Cllr Peck is now on the Highways Committee.


The Chair left the meeting.

The Vice-Chair suspended standing orders to allow residents to make a presentation against the outline planning application for 72 houses at the end of Rufford Road.

The presentation covered 4 categories of objections and concerns.

  • Impact on the village
  • Road safety issues
  • The proposed plan and its impact on its near neighbours
  • Issues that have come to light following further research

The meeting was informed that this application is only for outline planning permission. If/when the actual planning application is submitted, the plan could be completely different.

(A copy of the comments raised can be obtained from the Parish Council office)

After a lengthy discussion, standing orders were reinstated at 2100hrs

Cllr K Peck moved to support the residents, Cllr J Peck seconded - unanimous


1. Application No: 14/01596/OUTM
Applicant: Mr Bowring
Proposal: Erection of up to 72 dwellings, with associated public open space and infrastructure
Site Address: Land at Rufford Road, Edwinstowe, Notts
EPC DECISION: Object to Proposal

OTHER PLANNING MATTERS - Notification of Appeal

1. Application No: APP/B3030/C/14/2225170
Mr & Mrs Prince
Site Address: 7 St Edwins Drive, Edwinstowe, Notts

14/079 DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday 13 November 2014

Meeting closed at 2110hrs

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