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Meeting Minutes August 2014

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held at 7.00pm on Wednesday 6th August 2014 in the Church Rooms, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe

Present: See list (checked against electoral register)

  1. Cllr Celia Brooks opened the meeting and welcomed all present. She gave an explanation of who is allowed to vote and explained that the separate seating area was for non electors and to aid the voting process.

    The Chair asked whether anyone present would be recording the meeting. One member of the public indicated that they would be voice and video recording. The Chair informed the meeting that she would also be voice recording the meeting and that any member of the public can request that the recording stops whilst they speak.

    The Chair explained that the meeting has been called by six electors and was not a Parish Council meeting but as Cllr Brooks was in attendance she had to Chair it. The usual rules of respect apply. If an individual is disruptive or the Chair requests they stop speaking as their behaviour is disrespectful, they must. After a second warning the individual will be asked to leave.

  2. Approval of Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 22nd May 2014
    Dennis Tattersall proposed accepting the minutes as an accurate record.
    Chris Ayre seconded. Approved and signed by the Chair.

  3. Questions for debate
    The Chair read the following question to the meeting for discussion.
    Should Edwinstowe Parish Council take over the administration of the Ollerton Road allotment site from Edwinstowe Allotment Association?

    Jim Rhodes, President of the Ollerton Road Allotment Association introduced himself and gave the position of the Ollerton Road Allotment Association on the above question. During his speech he accused the Parish Council of plotting and scheming since January.

    A member of the public asked what the truth was concerning the Parish Council plotting and scheming.

    A member of the public raised several points from the Parish Council Toolkit criticising the Parish Council.

    The Chair gave a synopsis of the events that have taken place to date stressing that the Parish Council has no vested interest in taking over the site. There is no Parish Council gain in taking over the site. Currently allotment holders have no signed agreements with the allotment association so there is no proof that they have received a copy of the rules they are expected to abide by.

    A working party, including allotment holders, has been set up and a meeting is due to be scheduled in the near future to discuss various issues including the new tenancy agreements.

    A member of the public and allotment holder spoke about the recent petition that had been declared null and void and had not been presented to the Parish Council as it had not been set up correctly.

    A member of the public read a letter from Sir David Naish to the meeting.

    A member of the public who had instigated the petition explained his passion for the allotments and informed the meeting that a second petition had been started - already with 400 signatures. He needs 500 signatures to request N&SDC carry out an internal enquiry.

    He told the meeting that he had requested the Judicial Review with one other member of the public present at this meeting but had dropped it would cost too much.

    An allotment holder told the meeting that the general consensus of opinion on the allotments was that the current association committee do a good job and will continue to pay their subscriptions as before.

    The Chair informed the meeting that the Parish Council are hoping to introduce tenancy agreements in line with how allotments are run across the country. There will be agreement from the majority of allotment holders before anything is finalised.

    A resident from Ollerton Road asked where he should take a grievance concerning the allotments as he has been trying to get an issue sorted since 2008. His complaint concerns a compost heap which he believes is encouraging rats onto his property.

    The Chair responded that as primary tenants, the Parish Council could not ignore the issue and will take to N&SDC and Nick Brown from Thoresby Estates.

    During this exchange, angry shouting and aggressive language between individuals at the rear of the room could be heard. One of these individuals left his seat, walked to the front of the room and gave a Nazi salute to the Chair whilst saying Sieg Heil. He then left the building.

    A member of the public who has seen some letters of complaint from allotment holders, cannot see why the Parish Council has taken this course of action.

    A member of the public circulated and explained 3 documents to the meeting. She stated that the allotment association have never been given the opportunity to put their side across.

    A member of the public asked whether it was necessary to hold a public poll now as the working group has been set up.

    Sheila Norton called for a Parish Poll as is the electors right under the Local Government Act 1972 on the following question: -

    Should Edwinstowe Parish Council take over the administration or management of the Ollerton Road allotment site from the existing Edwinstowe Allotment Association?

    The process of the Parish Poll was explained by the Chair.

    A member of the public stressed that the meeting should carefully consider whether or not to call the poll as there would be a cost implication on the Parish Council and thereby the village. This money could be better spent elsewhere.

    Sheila Norton is aware of the costs but is assured this is the best way forward. There is no other way.

    The result of the poll is not binding.

    The poll was proposed by: - Sheila Norton, Fifth Avenue

    Seconded by:
    Danny Hudson, Woodhead Close
    Tom Holland, Mellors Road
    Pauline Meechan, Mellors Road
    Gail Benison, Beardsley Road
    Eddie Mellors, Oak Tree Avenue
    John Kirkland, Maid Marian Drive
    Godfrey Lamin, Lansbury Road
    Terry McLaughlin, Thoresby Avenue
    Keith Benison, Beardsley Road
    Anita Hudson, Woodhead Close
    Beryl Scaysbrook, Fourth Avenue
    Alan Kitchener, Lansbury Road
    Jim Rhodes, Mansfield Road

    Meeting closed at 2100hrs

    The Chair announced that as 10 registered Edwinstowe voters are needed to call a poll, a poll is therefore called. N&SDC to be notified the following day.

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