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Meeting Minutes September 2014

Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 4 September 2014 in the Council Chamber, Village Hall, Edwinstowe

Present: Cllrs George, Cocking, Brooks, Benson, Starbrook, Ayre, Tattersall, J Peck, K Peck


The Chair opened and informed the meeting of the recent death of Peter Brearley, an ex Parish, District and County Councillor. His funeral will take place on Thursday 1 September at 12.00pm at St Mary's Church if anyone would like to attend.

It was unanimously agreed to send flowers on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Chair welcomed all present to the meeting and read the following statement,

"For the benefit of the general public, may I remind everyone that this is a Parish Council meeting and whilst members of the public can of course attend any meeting of the Parish Council and its committees it is not a public meeting."

"The Parish Council has, over the years, agreed to have a public question section on the agenda and the public should not ask questions or make comments at any other time during the meeting."

"There is no statutory requirement for the public participation time on the agenda but this Parish Council, and other Parish Councils previously, have thought it helpful for registered voters to have the opportunity to put questions to the Parish Council."

"Is anyone recording the meeting?" One person indicated that they would be filming the meeting.

"I will remind everyone that should you wish to speak and not be filmed you can ask for the filming to be paused. This is in line with the advice given in the document issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government."


Cllr Boughey has a dispensation until December. Cllr Boughey has been into the office twice briefly in the past week. We know he follows council business closely and hope to see him back at meetings before too long.

No apologies received from Cllr Freeman.

Apologies were received and approved unanimously.


As Cllr Brooks is a member of District Council Planning, she will leave the room during the planning section of the meeting.

ON 10th July 2014

Minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chair.


  1. Henton Road Play Area Removed Bench - update
    The bench was in very poor condition and was removed due to safety concerns. When the play area was refurbished, the Parish Council installed more benches giving more seating areas for people to utilise therefore; the removed bench will not be replaced.

  2. Right Hand Filter Traffic Light - update
    NCC have asked if the feasibility of including a right turn can be looked into but stress that it may not eventually be possible. The resident has been informed. The Clerk is currently trying to arrange a meeting between the resident and NCC Highways Officers.

  3. Purchase of Ride-on Mower, financial implications - Update
    The purchase of the ride on mower will save the Parish Council approximately £2,000 per year excluding service and maintenance costs. There are no additional staffing costs.

  4. Response to Question whether Councillors are Volunteers
    The Chair read the following excerpt from The National Training Strategy for Town and Parish Councils part1, page11, section1, to the meeting,

    "If you are a councillor, you are over 18 and a qualifying citizen of the Commonwealth the European Community or the Republic of Ireland."

    "You are one of over 80,000 local councillors in England. You are a volunteer and will be held accountable by local people for things that happen locally."

    Cllr J Peck said that at least a couple of these questions had been asked in a vexatious way. The intent is to undermine the Parish Council inferring we do not know what we are doing. We do, any statements made are considered. We would like genuine questions without ulterior motives.

  5. Approval of Skate Park Operational Plan
    This has been circulated previously. Cllr K Peck proposed formally adopting, Cllr Starbrook seconded. Approved unanimously Clerk to put on website

  6. Approval of Public Participation Procedure
    Since the introduction of new legislation, we need to review our Standing Orders and the Public Participation section. The Chair read the draft procedure to the meeting, asking for approval after each section. Agreed unanimously.

    Advice from Democratic Services at N&SDC concerning the guidance on our website which needs updating including, 'Registered Voters' will replace 'Members of the Parish'

    Copies of document will be provided at every Parish Council meeting and are available on request from the Parish Council office, subject to the usual charges. Clerk to put updated version on the website including the amendment of allocated time for public participation from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

    Cllr K Peck asked if members of the public were required to give their names and addresses when they ask a question to establish they were registered voters. Yes - but only when necessary and will only be recorded when necessary.

  7. Previous public question response
    It was proposed that when a question is asked by a registered voter, the response will be itemised on the agenda for the next meeting. Agreed unanimously


Commenced 1915hrs

On several occasions the Parish Council has used the excuse that they are a small Parish Council to 'get out of things'. If Edwinstowe Parish Council is a small Parish Council why do we need 11 councillors, 2 administrators and other workers? According to CPALC Edwinstowe is in the top 10%. I would like your definition of a small Parish Council. Chair to send letter

Jim Rhodes, President of Edwinstowe allotment association - At the last meeting I asked a question concerning the level of service that members of the Ollerton Road allotments could expect. I have not received a reply.

The Chair responded that the issue, amongst others are being discussed at the Working Group meetings which Mr Rhodes attends. Mr Rhodes requested a written reply. Chair to send letter

Now that the Parish Council has admitted that there is a problem with noise at the skate park by agreeing to put more bunding there, what timescale are you working to and if that does not solve the problem, what contingency plans are in place?

The Chair responded that the Parish Council has not agreed to put more bunding in place as it has not come to full council for approval. This is an agenda item and will be addressed later in the meeting. Chair to send letter

Why were residents not informed that their names and addressed would be placed on the minutes of the Parish Meeting? Why were mine and my husband’s names placed separately on the list? This is victimisation.

The Chair responded that it was made clear that recording could be stopped during the meeting if requested. Therefore, public speakers knew that what was said might be published on the internet. The fact that no one asked for the recording to stop, including when they gave their names and addresses, implies tacit agreement with publication.

It is necessary to prove to all Edwinstowe registered voters that the poll was properly called by registered voters. As candidates for public office have the names and addresses and polling districts of the people nominating them displayed in public places, it follows that the same is required when calling for a Parish Poll.

We have consulted two other bodies for information.

The Parish Council's handling of the allotment situation has been diabolical and has damaged the Parish Council beyond repair. I call for members of the Parish Council and the Parish Clerk to resign. Noted

Was due diligence given before the purchase of the ride on mower. Yes

Have been asked by Warsop British Legion to help reinstate the Edwinstowe branch of the British Legion. One meeting has been held which was fairly well attended. The most pressing item is the Remembrance Day Parade. Can I look to the Parish Council and in particular to the Clerk for assistance with the organisation? Yes

There has been discussion concerning what should and should not be included in minutes regarding names and addresses. On CPALC it states that individuals should not be named in Parish and Town Council meetings.

The Chair responded that the meeting where names and addresses have been included in the minutes was a public parish meeting and not a Parish Council meeting. As long as the Chair gave the requisite notice at the beginning of the meeting, names and addresses could be included as no one objected. You cannot call a Parish Poll without declaring who called it.

The resident who called the poll is prepared to take responsibility for calling the poll and the Edwinstowe 14 were. There is a world of difference between residents giving their names and addresses to check on the Electoral Register and publishing it on the internet. It can be a criminal offence publishing these details without proper safeguards. Noted

Why do only certain members of the public get a discussion on their questions and others do not? Chair to send letter

Will the Parish Council, particularly the Clerk check the addresses published in the minutes as at least one is incorrect? You have a duty to make sure that your data is correct. Clerk to check

The Chair mentioned my name during the recent Parish Meeting for which you apologised what is the difference?

The Chair responded the second time your name was mentioned was by you when you gave your name and address.

At a previous meeting you mentioned banners. Have you had a meeting and if so, why are there still banners on the High Street and one outside the Village Hall? Agenda item, will be discussed later on


Commenced 1923hrs

Cllr George reported that due to inconsiderate parking around Robin Hood Avenue, buses are struggling to get round the corner.

The Chair responded that this had come up at a Safer Neighbourhood Meeting and the police visited the householders to ask them not to park their cars inconsiderately. Parish Council to raise at the next Safer Neighbourhood Meeting.

Ended 1935hrs


Available from Parish Council Office.

  1. Thoresby Welfare Site Meeting
    Cllrs J Peck, Brooks and Tattersall met CISWO representatives and District Council to look at the Fourth Avenue site. CISWO have now sent a lease agreement for approval which all Councillors should look at. The proposal is to take over part of the land. There needs to be a working group to consider the lease.

    The meeting considered how the site has been left and there are now moves to do something about that. It also looked at the future development of the area including the responsibility of the play area. CISWO do intend to develop the site in due course, but nothing can happen until February 2018 at the earliest. CISWO are interested in handing over both bowling green sites which would be beneficial to the Village. If the Parish Council takes over the responsibility of the play area, it could be updated and moved to the disused bowling green. The Parish Council would be able to give security to the Bowls Club by leasing back the bowling green to them.

    Cllr J Peck has met with the Bowls Club who support the idea.

    It was agreed unanimously to set up a working group to consider the future of the site which will then feedback to the Parish Council for approval.

    Cllrs Benson, George, Cocking, J Peck, Tattersall and Brooks were unanimously approved as members of the Fourth Avenue Working Group. Clerk to circulate agreement to Councillors for perusal and to arrange working group meeting

  2. Noise Assessment Meeting
    Parish Councillors met with District Council Environmental Officers and looked at various issues on the skate park. No decisions have been made by N&SDC as investigations are ongoing. There may be things that the Parish Council are required to do but as yet there has been no definitive response.

  3. Cemetery Working Group - Memorial Benches
    A request for a memorial bench has been received. It was proposed by the Working Group to approve the bench providing the position and type of bench is approved by the Working Group and ratified by the Parish Council. The received request was approved. Clerk to inform relatives

    We are also looking at a memorial wall where relatives can purchase memorial plaques. We are awaiting quotes.

  4. Safer Neighbourhood Meeting Action Points
    We have previously requested that the Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Group informs the Parish Council of the action points agreed at the meeting. We have never received a reply but we will continue to request this information.

  5. Allotment Working Group
    The Working Group consisting of 4 allotment holders and 4 councillors have met twice and we have another meeting organised for Monday 8th September.

    Both of the meetings already held were positive in moving things forward. The terms of reference were agreed and it was decided that a good starting point for discussions would be the National Allotment Society model agreement for the letting of allotments.

    We have reached point 5 covering cultivation and use of allotments.

    With the Parish Council's permission I feel, as Chair, that we should now write to all allotment holders individually to update them on progress made.

    Minutes of both meetings are available in the Parish Council Office.

    It was unanimously agreed to write to all allotment holders to inform of the work carried out to date. Letters to be sent to all allotment holders

14/071 AGENDA

  1. Standing Orders - recording of meetings
    The recent change in legislation means our Standing Orders need to be updated. The amended points are proposed as follows;
    1. 37.4 - The Clerk shall afford to the press reasonable facilities for the taking of their report of any proceedings at which they are entitled to be present. Audio and video recording of the meeting may be undertaken however, any member of the public who actively objects to being filmed, during public participation time, can ask for the filming to stop for the duration of their participation.

    2. 37.5 - All public participation times will be in line with the guidance published by the Parish Council.

    The Chair referred to guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government entitled 'Open and Accountable Local Government'

    'Are there other limits that I should be aware of?

    "The council or local government body should consider adopting a policy on the filming of members of the public, such as allowing those who actively object to being filmed not to be filmed, without undermining the broader transparency of the meeting."

    The proposed amended points were agreed unanimously.

  2. High Street - update
    D/Cllrs Peck and Brooks have met with enforcement officers from N&SDC concerning banners, A boards and breaches of what is acceptable in a conservation area on the High Street. There is very detailed guidance concerning what colours and type of lighting that can be used. These breaches are not always intentional as new shopkeepers are not always aware of what is and is not allowed.

    The District Council will lead on this issue as it comes under their remit.

    The Chair brought in item (iv) Conservation Plan - we currently have a conservation map but intend to work with District Council to write a conservation plan. It would obviously come back to the Parish Council for approval.

    The Chair read the following email received 1st September, concerning the High Street wall,

    "...following a progress site meeting last Friday morning, 29 August, [...] was informed that the individuals concerned are awaiting quotations from contractors and are in negotiations to jointly procure a suitable contractor to undertake stabilisation work to the retaining wall."

    "[...] are anxious for the work to be carried out expediently as possible but I am of the opinion that the owners are making progress but have experienced some difficulty in sourcing suitable contractors who are experienced and willing to undertake this specialist work."

    "[...] they were expecting a further contractor -to provide a quotation last Friday and once received would be in a position to appoint and agree a programme of work"

    The Chair reported that the barriers had been trampled down recently. If anyone is injured as a result of the wall collapsing, they will be looking for someone to blame.

  3. Fourth Avenue - update
    Dealt with under 14/070 (i)

  4. Conservation Plan
    Dealt with under 14/071 (i)

  5. Jubilee Park Development - update
    Councillors met with N&SDC officers to develop the park as a family oriented park. We are also working with Sherwood Forest Trust on the wild area at the bottom and looking at extra tree planting.

    N&S officers are looking at improving the children's play area.

    All will come back to Parish Council for approval.

  6. Review of Efficiency of the Parish Council
    We were asked a question at the last Parish Council meeting concerning the efficiency of the Parish Council. In the final year of this Parish Council it is useful to review what has been achieved and inform residents.

    When this Parish Council took office, there were hardly any reserves; the previous Parish Council had put the precept up 25% in two years. The first Chair and Vice Chair had resigned and there was open hostility between certain Parish Councillors.

    The Finances
    Our promise to the electorate was to get the finances straight. We halved the events expenditure saving approximately £3k per annum, transferred the CCTV to the Health Service saving approximately £2.5k per annum, leased Sherwood Fields to Robin Hood Colts saving approximately £7.5k per annum. More recently reduced the insurance bill by some £1.5k per annum and the grass cutting contract by between £1.5k and £2k per annum.

    During the 4 years of our administration, we will have saved the residents approximately £50k in total and the precept is considerably less than it would have been if we had not taken decisive action. We have been able to rebuild our reserves, kept the precept 2% below inflation in our first year, unfortunately in the second year parish Councils throughout the country were hit be a Government change which affected the council tax base, but we were able to freeze the precept this year and are on course to do the same again this coming year.

    Other achievements:

    Because we addressed the financial situation early on, we have been able to carry out our promises and many other things besides and we can be justifiably proud:
    • We've worked hard to improve the High Street. We have worked hard along with the District Councillors, to get rid of boarded up buildings on the High Street, achieving notable successes with the old Gascoines building, ex carpet shop at the bottom and to date partial success with the jug and Glass and ex newsagents on Mansfield Road.

    • Improved the display of hanging baskets and replanting the island at the bottom. We have further plans for repainting the street furniture and other improvements.

    • We've been successful in obtaining a grant for new village trail boards and banners

    • We purchased new Christmas lights and have further added to them last year and this coming year

    • We purchased the Village Hall from N&SDC when there was a very real threat of closure

    • We've negotiated the taking over the three car parks from the District Council and promise that they will remain free

    • We've taken over the children's play area on Fourth Avenue from N&SDC and will be seeking to improve the play facilities

    • We took over the park on Mansfield Road, renamed it Jubilee Park, successfully obtained a substantial grant from the County Council and built the skate park, thus fulfilling our pledge to improve facilities for our young people.

      This Parish Council is now responsible for all facilities in the village previously carried out by the District Council, other than refuse collection. And we can do a much better job of maintaining our facilities on a daily basis.

    • We started the parish magazine Edwinstowe Village News to fill the gap when the Acorn closed

    • We have made improvements to the cemetery and Kevin does an excellent job looking after it

    • We make sure our workers do an excellent job keeping the village clean, well maintained and litter free. They all do an excellent job and we have recognised this by becoming one of the first Parish Councils in the county to pay our staff the living wage.

    • We have increased the number of dog bins and grit bins.

    • We created a new, much improved Parish Council website which is very well used.

    We have been a campaigning Parish Council:

    • We successfully led the campaign to stop the closure of Edwinstowe Fire Station

    • We supported our District and County Councillors in speaking up against the premature closure of Thoresby Colliery

    • We support our County Councillor in his campaign to extend the Robin Hood Line to Edwinstowe

    We have organised events:

    • We organise the Christmas Lights event and we have managed to improve the event at considerably less cost and with improved Christmas lights

    • We helped organise the Olympic Torch Relay event in Edwinstowe, attended by thousands

    • We held the Jubilee Big Lunch

    We support local clubs and businesses:

    • We distribute grants twice per year to village clubs and community groups and have resisted reducing the grant despite the financial climate

    • We are represented on the Business Forum and work closely with local businesses to support a thriving High Street

    We are visible and available

    • We are local people who have lived in Edwinstowe a long time and care passionately about our village. We are the first Parish Council to hold a regular open air surgery on the High Street, knock on doors to keep in touch with the electorate and put a reply slip in the magazine for feedback about local issues.

    It is likely that more jobs will be devolved to Parish Councils by the District Council as their grants are cut but in Edwinstowe we already carry out most of the District Council's functions already.

    We are also fortunate in Edwinstowe as we have kept our public toilets and have a village to be proud of. Thanks to all our employees for their diligent and hard work.

  7. Community-led Plan
    We still intend to have a community-led plan and will start by asking for residents opinions through the magazine, for what they would like to see happen in Edwinstowe.

  8. Cemetery Wildlife Area
    There is an area at the top of the cemetery that is not currently being mowed. We are working with Sherwood Forest Trust on this area and are treating it as a conservation area. Adders thought to be extinct in Nottinghamshire have been seen as well as newts.

  9. Parish Meeting - update
    At the Parish Meeting it was decided by 14 Edwinstowe electors, that a poll will be called. The poll will take place on Thursday 11 September and the polling station will be the Village Hall.


Newark & Sherwood District Council Parish Conference Let the Clerk know if you wish to attend
National Grid Planned engineering work at Lansbury Road The work may involve replacing the service pipe that links homes to the gas main and may involve digging on your property. It may also be necessary to change the position of the gas meter to meet with current safety regulations. Noted. Cllr J Peck expressed frustration as it had taken a considerable time to get Lansbury Road resurfaced and now it would be dug up. Noted
Post Office Changes to Edwinstowe Post Office The new look Post Office is scheduled to open on Monday 15 September at 1300hrs. The new opening hours will be:
Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri - 0730hrs - 1800hrs
Wed & Sat - 0730hrs - 1930hrs
Sun - 0730hrs - 1230hrs
Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils Annual General Meeting 2014 Noted. Let the Clerk know if you would like to attend
Helping Hands New Community Group The Chair had been asked to read the letter from a newly formed local group - Edwinstowe Helping Hands. It was unanimously approved to invite representatives of the group to attend the October meeting and give a short presentation.
NCC Highways Reclassification of Newbery Close/Greendale Close Noted.


Fourth Avenue Working Group dealt with at agenda item 14/070 (i)


The bank statement had only been received on Wednesday so although the paperwork has been completed, it was too late to present at this meeting. Clerk to arrange a Finance Committee meeting asap


Approved and signed by Chair.

08.07.14 Abbey Garden Machinery Mower Spares £159.29
08.07.14 Viking Office Equipment Stationery £156.32
14.07.14 Konica Minolta Photocopier Charges £100.37
14.07.14 Langmead Heating Boiler Service £100.00
16.07.14 B&Q Materials £61.80
21.07.2014 Heather Maynell Newsletter Delivery £200.00
21.07.2014 Notts County Supplies Notice Board for Skatepark £351.66
22.07.2014 Cash Petty Cash £74.79
22.07.2014 Konica Copier Charges £31.27
23.07.2014 A Pearce Edwinstowe Village News £2,165.00
24.07.2014 Central Garage Van Repair £241.81
24.07.2014 Glasdon Dog Bin £244.35
25.07.2014 Cables Electrical Alarm Maintenance/Testing £82.80
29.07.2014 Town & Country Grass Cutting £1,744.80
31.07.2014 Viking Stationary £40.74
01.08.2014 Malcolm Lane & Son Jubilee Park Sign £988.80
04.08.2014 Newark & Sherwood District Council Temporary Events Notice £21.00
06.08.2014 Davpack Materials £142.70
08.07.14 Severn Trent Water Rates £112.77
20.08.2014 DA Williams Electrical Infrastructure For Christmas Lights £1,395.00
20.08.2014 B&Q Materials £108.12
21.08.2014 Bunzl Cleaning Supplies £126.89
27.08.2014 Town & Country Grass Cutting £1,744.80
28.08.2014 Edwinstowe Village Hall Room Hire For Parish Poll £53.20
28.08.2014 Cash Petty Cash £62.44

Cheques were approved and signed. The Clerk confirmed that the money for the Jubilee park sign would be taken from the s106 monies.




  1. Draft Supplementary Planning Documents Consultation


1. Application No: 14/01430/FUL
Applicant: Mr Birkett
Proposal: Single storey extension to existing sports pavilion
Site Address: Pavilion, Thoresby Sports Field, Fourth Avenue, Edwinstowe, Notts

2. Application No: T/3139
Applicant: Notts County Council Children, Families & Cultural Services
Proposal: Retain existing temporary classroom
Site Address: King Edwin Primary School, Fourth Avenue, Edwinstowe, Notts
EPC DECISION: Cllr J Peck declared an interest and left the meeting during this agenda item. Approved.


1. Application No: 14/00979/FUL (previous ref PP-03426215)
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Prince
Proposal: Householder application for the erection of a first floor rear extension and the insertion of a new bedroom window to east side elevation (retrospective)
Site Address: 7 St Edwins Drive, Edwinstowe, Notts

2. Application No: 14/01075/FUL
Applicant: Mr Beardsley
Proposal: Householder application for the erection of a detached garage
Site Address: 27 Second Avenue, Edwinstowe, Notts

3. Application No: 14/01188/FUL
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Fisher
Proposal: Householder application for proposed extension to the rear of detached house
Site Address: 29 Rufford Road, Edwinstowe, Notts


1. Application No: 14/01200/TWCA
Site Address: Land adjacent 20 Maythorn Grove, Edwinstowe, Notts

2. Application No: 14/01274/TWCA
Site Address: The Vicarage, West Lane, Edwinstowe, Notts


District Council Report

D/Cllr Brooks has been dealing with planning applications and is moving forward on issues on Newbery Close involving the hedge, broken lighting and antisocial behaviour.

As previously mentioned, the District Councillors have met with officers concerning the High Street conservation area and the Welfare site among other issues.

Next year the District Council's budget is being cut and work on next year's finance has already started.

County Council Report

C/Cllr Peck met with the Chief Highways Officer to show him potholes that had been repaired in a very unsatisfactory way. The standard of repair was terrible in particular on Greendale and Cavendish Avenue.

Last year C/Cllr Peck received numerous complaints of speeding on Rufford Road and requested a survey was carried out. This survey has resulted in an interactive speed camera being sited on Rufford Road and should be in place by Christmas.

14/079 DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday 9th October 2014

2040hrs - Meeting closed

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