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Edwinstowe Skate Park

Updated 16th September 2014

The Edwinstowe Skate Park operational management plan is released.

This plan include details of the signage to be erected (appropriate usage, emergency contact numbers and how to report defects), the maintenance arrangements for the site, management oversight arrangements and possibly the establishment of a user group as a liaison mechanism between the providers and those who benefit from the skate park.

Operational management plan  Download Here >>>

Updated 27th March 2014

The official opening of the Edwinstowe Skate Park will be on Saturday 12th April on Jubilee Park at 11am.

There will be demonstrations from Pro Skaters. Everybody is welcome!

Updated 1st January 2014

Work is due to commence on Edwinstowe's skatepark week commencing 6 January 2014

Updated 13th November 2013

The final design and noise assessment report for the skate park are available to view at the Parish Council Office during usual opening hours.

Updated 29th July 2013

Following consultation meetings please find reponses to resident concerns below:

  • Design not aesthetically pleasing within the natural landscape
    • Aesthetic interpretation can be very different from person to person. A lot of effort has been put into the design to ensure it isn’t a bland faceless slab of concrete. By considering the natural landscape and, using a variety of materials, shapes and colours as well as the natural fall in the land, we feel we have designed something that the majority of the community will see as aesthetically pleasing and exciting.

  • No natural screening or landscape to disguise the design - significant landscaping
    • The issue of natural screening is being discussed with the Parish Council as part of the detailed design. The bottom end of the proposed skatepark (bowl) is designed to sit approximately 50% below ground level and be ‘disguised’ by landscaping (grassed banks)

  • Too close to residential houses
    • There are no formal rules or legislation on distances of skateparks from residential houses however we do understand how this type of development can affect local residents and will ensure we meet and comply with any relevant legislation.

  • No sound deadening features
    • The design has carefully considered the acoustics and will be formally tested. Should any further sound deadening features be necessary these will be considered.

  • Park should be at least 30m from homes
    • There are no formal rules or legislation on distances of skateparks from residential houses however we do understand how this type of development can affect local residents and will ensure we meet and comply with any relevant legislation. This site does comply with the recommendations to be found in Fields in Trust.

  • Annual maintenance costs?
    • This can vary dependant on usage and weather. The Parish Council, as future asset owner, are aware of this and will be responsible for all future maintenance costs. As part of the manufacturer’s delivery they will be explaining how to maintain the park locally which will keep running costs to a minimum. The Parish Council holds ring-fenced money to help with maintenance costs in the foreseeable future.

  • ASB including drug dealing, congregating youths, alcohol (not necessarily from users of skatepark but after they have left)
    • ASB is a community issue, however careful consideration to the siting of a skatepark, i.e. being close to a road, visible and reasonably close to pedestrian traffic, will minimise the potential.

  • Noise pollution
    • This will be considered as part of the detailed design

  • No toilet facilities
    • There are no toilet facilities at any of our playgrounds but there are public toilets in the middle of the Village.

  • Who will police
    • The Parish Council and a general police presence. There will not be a 24 hour presence, the Parish Council visit daily and the police will keep an eye on the area. This is the case with all our play parks.

  • Adverse affect on house prices
    • No evidence for this, in all areas house prices are affected by the national economic climate. The proposals improve the facilities for residents

  • Rails/bars are less safe and prone to cause 90% of accidents - what is being done to reduce the possibility of this
    • We don’t fully understand this statement however if it refers to grindrails on skateparks then the answer is that the design will meet RoSPA standards.

  • Lighting for winter months
    • It is not proposed to light the facility

  • Insurance?
    • The Parish Council will include on the insurance policy

  • Who will take responsibility for accidents
    • In the same way that all play equipment is provided, users will do so at their own risk. The facility will be designed to meet RoSPA’s standards and it will be maintained properly. Notices will be displayed (in accordance with RoSPA guidance) that clarify responsibilities.

  • Safety issues due to proximity to road
    • We do not understand what safety issues this refers to. The site’s boundary isolates it from the road and there is a footpath from the village centre to the site.

  • Litter
    • Bins wiil be provided on site and the Parish Council will be responsible for removal of litter.

  • Perception of the village for tourists
    • The proposal is a bespoke facility that will add diversity to the community and village.

  • Tea cup height is excessive
    • The teacup will be between 1.5m and 2.4m in height dependant on final design. Well within the permitted development height of 4m.

  • Ramp height is excessive
    • The ramps are designed to provide challenges and as such their height varies however all are within permitted development height of 4m

  • Risk/vulnerability to damage
    • Any public facility is at risk of damage. This, in our opinion, should not prevent public facilities being provided.

  • Fence and lock facility (at night)
    • It is not planned to have a fence initially as it could send out very negative messages to users and the rest of the community. However the decision can be reviewed when the skate park is in use.

  • Give money to local sports club to encourage participation in sport
    • This facility provides an opportunity for a wide range of the community to participate in sports other than those already catered for in the village.

  • How far is the noise expected to travel
    • A full acoustic assessment will be carried out as part of the detailed design stage.

  • Graffiti
    • If unwanted graffiti happens it can be removed.

Consultation Statistics

137 Completed comment sheets
110 had positive comments
3 responses from future users on design specifications
24 responded negatively or requested a copy of the report

Because there were so many positive comments it is difficult to summarise however, they range from:

"Skateboarding takes skill and is good exercise! Think the village needs more facilities, this is a good start!!"


"About time we invest in our future generation. Well done and thanks for all the hard work"


"We have been waiting far too long. It’s a shame our children have missed out."

This information is accurate at the time of publication.

These responses have been made in conjunction with the skate park designer.

Updated 2nd July 2013

We are now please to announce that the design for the Edwinstowe Skate Park is available for everyone to come and have a look and give us your views at the following times:

Saturday 6th July - Village Hall 11am till 2pm
Tuesday 9th July - Abbey Road Centre 2pm till 5pm
Thursday 11th July - King Edwin Primary School 3.15pm till 7pm

Thursday 18th April 2013

Dear Resident

As you are no doubt aware there are plans to put a skate park on Jubilee Park at the side of Friars Park estate. The proposed site is towards the Mansfield Road end of Jubilee Park close to the car park. We have secured the funding and a design is now being put together and this will be available towards the end of May. At that point we shall be organising several consultation events on the project.

Plans for a skate park had been proposed as long ago as 2003 and these are included on the site plans drawn up by Barratt Homes in 2004. Should you wish to see these, they can be viewed in the Parish Council Offices.

The consultations will probably be held during the first two weeks in June if the proposed design is ready by then. You will be notified of the dates and times. We hope as many people as possible of all ages and from all over the village will come to one of the events. We hope to hold three such events in order that as many people as possible can attend.

We shall look forward to hearing comments from Edwinstowe residents who are both in favour of the project and those who have concerns.

Yours Sincerely

Celia Brooks
On behalf of Edwinstowe Parish Council

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