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Important Information About Your Council Tax for 2013/14

We are writing to you to explain why your Council tax bill appears to show the Parish Council has increased its share of the Council Tax (known as the Parish Precept) by 9.3% - a rise of between £5 to £7 a year for most Council tax payers. We were shocked to see this figure when we opened our bills. We want to make it clear, Edwinstowe Parish Council did not put the precept up by 9.3%.

As we explained in the last village magazine, we actually set a precept rise of about 1%, well under inflation. This would have been approximately 50 pence for the year (or less than a penny a week).

We have contacted Newark and Sherwood District Council to get an explanation as to why the Council tax bill shows the apparent 9.3% rise for the Parish Council. The reason is too long and complicated to explain here, but basically it is all to do with how Government has recently made changes to the Council tax system, which has a knock on effect as to how Parish Council precepts are worked out.

We are doing our utmost to keep the Parish precept down and it is extremely frustrating to us that we are being hit by changes outside our control. We did not set a 9.3% rise and we do not want such a rise. However, we understand the Parish Council will be getting a temporary grant this year to help offset the rise, so what we will do, is pass this money back to Edwinstowe Council tax payers and reduce the Parish precept next year.

We hope this explanation is helpful. Please contact the Parish office if you need more information.

Yours Sincerely

Celia Brooks
Chair Edwinstowe Parish Council

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