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Sherwood Forest - A Bugs Eye View

While home to the Robin Hood legend and with a recently discovered Viking history, Sherwood Forest has become increasingly well known for its range of rare invertebrates. A great deal of work recording the diversity of species within the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, has revealed that the Forest has much more to offer than legend and archeological history.

Sherwood Forest continues to be the only currently known site in the UK for the endangered Hazel Pot Beetle and these bright red beetles began to be seen in their favoured area again in May. Despite their colouration, this beetle went 'missing' for around 70 years, until rediscovered by ourselves in 2008.

By the time you read this, some parts of the forest will be lit up after dusk, by the green light emitted by female Glow Worms and one of the country's largest and most studied colonies, will again be keeping us out and about till the early morning hours.

Glow Worms are in national decline and 2013 sees the Nottinghamshire Glow Worm Survey take place, where we aim to map the Glow Worm's current distribution in the county. If you know (or knew) of any sites for Glow Worms in Nottinghamshire, please let us know via our website at Your sightings will make a helpful and valuable contribution to the protection of our wildlife.

Trevor and Dilys Pendleton

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