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Welcome to our articles page, we have listed some articles from Edwinstowe residents or about Edwinstowe and its surrounding areas below for you to enjoy.

If you would like to contribute an article about something you think is interesting please Contact Us and we will add it to this section for everyone to see.


Sherwood Forest A Bugs Eye View

20th June 2013

While home to the Robin Hood legend and with a recently discovered Viking history, Sherwood Forest has become increasingly well known for its range of rare invertebrates.....

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The History of Edwinstowe

8th February 2013

Edwinstowe was named after Edwin, King of Northumbria. At that time, the kingdom of Northumbria extended from the River Trent to Edinburgh,.....

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The Legend of Robin Hood

20th June 2013

Robin Hood is one of the greatest English folk heroes whose fame has spread throughout the world through countless books, films and television series. The romantic image of Robin Hood is of a medieval hooded figure in Lincoln Green, a master bowman with a quick mind and mischievous sense of humour...

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The Spirit of Sherwood

20th June 2013

Over 800 years ago the collective imagination of the suppressed Saxons gave birth to a popular folklore hero. Initially, the hooded man was a creation of the storytellers and ballad singers who told stories of escapades of the real outlaws of the day...

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